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User Review

Everything is there, even the Decay - Reviews Roland TB-3

see the Roland website for all that;)


Off, it was just one wish, it's light!
On, it has only one desire is to play with !! : D

Here we have a very easy to use machine provided you have seen the video of the update firmware on the youtube channel of Roland to see how a copy of a bank's "factory" to the user bank " "and have been here that explains where are the primary functions of the machine.
Because the user manual (paper), do not really is not a strictly speaking, it is a semi-flyer expired due to updates.
This is totally inadequate if only for some first steps with the hardware.
Even the online manual (pdf) is also incomplete (missing the indication of decay, and a copy of a plant to its user).

There is no editing sounds possible, however, prepared by Roland sounds are all very good in their respective fields and all exploitable.

Updating the firmware of the machine (version 1.1) now allows to have a "user" bank 15 sounds, to put our favorite sounds in the bank to avoid having to use too much of the "value" wheel having to spend his one in his 200 extreme example.
A bug exists after this update (making the new user bank inaudible) to correct it must restore the factory settings of the machine, and after that the bank becomes audible.


It has all the basic sounds of the TB-303.
Yes, it is a clone of TB-303, but not that!
It is rich sound!

These effects are very well done, although some combinations prepared by Roland may appear "metal" at the same time, I have personally never heard of mixing with a bitcrusher that does not sound "metallic": D

Of course I love all the first bank (A), is in the classic TB-303 (if you do not ride the fader effect;)), Bank B interests me less than a first with the sequencer, but my attention with a midi keyboard to a "keyboard" game, bank C is beautiful and sweet sometimes strange, bank D is more than strange, interesting rhythmically level.

It's hard to hate a sound machine because they all have the opportunity to find a sound or music application as they are clean.

Yes Bank A has the realism of the TB-303, the other sounds are a bit of "news" in this case.

Following the method of game sounds come out differently and have other characters.


I have this bassline for 5 days, finding no decay or manipulation to copy the sounds of a factory store to the user bank, and being somewhat influenced by all the "haters" that denigrates the machine (especially on audiofanzine ) I bankrupt it back to the store the next day !!
3:00 after ignition at home, it was back in its box!

but not wanting to make a mistake, and I feel stupid later, I had to tweak all the subjects on this machine on the internet to find this decay and the copy sound I was looking for (should say Roland has not been friendly to us about the lack of info).

But as soon as I find the right info, I took out the machine, I reconnected, retested, and I adopted it (sleep on as they say)).

Yes I've been fortunate to play with a TB-303 in good condition, and I am the first surprised to have to say that I found the same feel and sound better approach hit with TB -3.

I love his sound, his sequencer and keyboard, which I do not like is the location of the volume knob of the machine that is too close to other controls and can become annoying to live use or studio.

I remake that choice without problem, and there was even a risk that I buy another just for its sequencer that is wonderful about the TR-8 or even on my Gaia SH-01 (and there I really want to test the sequencer on a pro one midified).

You can buy this machine eyes closed, connectivity, heat, grain, original sounds are there, and the price .... unbeatable in this area !!

And if you do not have anything to make acid sounds, here you have a great sequencer has 32 steps per pattern, and ability to play up to 8 pattern in a row, and suddenly have the opportunity to write sentences about 256 steps

plus she is "sexy"

Do not hesitate, and do not listen to the haters or the "haters" who never had a real tb-303 hands that would tell you all their fantasies of perfect dissatisfied who still think being born at the wrong time or just not arrived to find all the options for such a small machine alone;)