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User Review

Shared enough for now ... - Reviews Oberheim Matrix-1000

Expander analog 6 voice polyphony dco 2 per voice.
Midi in out thru
200 pitches + 800 user sounds rom, only editable via software.
1 rack unit
Internal power supply (that's good!)
Mono (not so annoying that ...)


Configuration very simple: the number of steps on his digital wreck, and hop.
or where it gets tough is to control midi.

-I have not yet found a publisher that works on mac or pc or.
ModWheel it's always assigned to vibrato, it would arrange to be able to assign to something more useful without a publisher and without modifying every patch for it.
-Regardless of the mode selected in the set-up, the sustain pedal is not recognized.

I would say that as the box is a breeze.
but even for basic editing, it is hell.
Oberheim relied on clearly that the 800 sounds should cover all needs ... see next chapter ...


10 banks of sounds. which are the first 2 of BESR, which can theoretically accommodate other sounds, or backups of our own editions.

Bank 0: "Top 100"
Bank 1: "Volume 2" Original factory patch
Bank 2: "Synth 1"
Bank 3: "Synth 2"
Bank 4 "+ horns woodwinds"
Bank 5: "Horns + leads"
bank 6 "strings"
bank 7: "low"
bank 8 "FX & perc"
bank 9 "Keyboards"

there are very new wave analog bass, pads strings detune mals that are not ...
with a spring effect groundwater become really good (whereas with a digital reverb, it just reinforces the impression mediums j, in any case it is less)
I remind everyone that this is an analog synth sounds so realistic it's not his area too.

Do not hesitate to checker the whole range of the keyboard, playing dive, was soliciting aftertouch etc., there are no buttons, but it moves in all directions. J have had confirmation by connecting a controller oxygen above twelve o'clock.
The bank 6 or 7 to a control knob that I think the envelope for the filter, and rotating it makes things really foufou ...

Why I think this knob (which responds to CC 02 I think), is assigned to the envelope for the filter?
becaufe on some sounds, you can clearly hear the resonance be modified, but not all ... To be continued ...


I have only been a week and my first reaction was to relist presto ...

This is not a definitive opinion. Even so subjective, I'm not very attached ... very annoying some aspects can make my judgment a little unfair.

Overall, I'm still a bit unsatisfied ... it took him that I bough a spring reverb to finally hear slicks "on Oberheim." Without treatment, it sounds a little when dco 80's, we are not stuck against a juno ...

Well it is also frustrated not being able to change the cutoff frequency or resonnance, so it's a little unfair to go ...

It is still endearing, and say that it's worth it to break your head a little to make it sound, after all, it is not dear ... what do you get for that price .. .

Before acquiring j've owned a roland Jx3p, Juno 2, Nordlead, blofeld, moog lp, dave smith Mopho kb to mention that analos or claim to this heritage ... Little we had lent one to OBX few weeks, quite fascinating (at the same time four years revox was also fascinating to me)

What I like least is the implementation noon, rested few resources on the net, slow cpu which manages the afternoon.

The value for money is still not bad so far (300 to 400 euros, in addition, a jx3P or dsi tetra could be more versatile and easy to use)
For quelqun that does not sound source analog polyphonic bufget this, there will be Alpha juno, the JX8P, and it is almost everything ...
But who has not, I think that an alpha juno 1 with a controller noon will be more fulfilling, since we will then have the opportunity to tweak his juno buttons, something much more unlikely in the matrix.

So I keep some time, because it still feels contained and hidden power, and some layers are very melancholy, which is quite rare in a rack.

it remains a good expander, with limitations, faults, but a character.
This is one of the only opportunity to own Oberheim not too expensive ...