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User Review

Cedar's review - Oberheim Matrix-1000

Value For Money : Excellent
Very classic, no need to highlight all the characteristics ... The only weak point (and again) might be the only mono output, aisment circumvented by adding various effects.


As bote prsets use could not be simpler, we do dfiler sounds with 2 keys, or you can type directly the issue of The pRSET desire Using the digital pav.
As synth obliged to have recourse against by the computer ... Once tlcharg soft adquat (they are several, aisment findable on the net) is the edition very simple, not more complicated than a plug but also visually ugly.


It comes intresse which we really ...

The sound is of great clarity (the hallmark of Oberheim) with beautiful mdiums well presented without aggressiveness. For COD synth is enough fat (for "fat" I mean that the lower is the mdium. It is the most comfortable in the tablecloths (the presence is remarkable, with a nice sweetness), typical brass funk in which he excels eighties (which alone would justify the purchase of the rack) and false pianos and other realistic but not so touching organ (I have a fondness for this kind of sonority - yes I know to love).

As against this is not what you might call a deep sound with good bass prsentes Moog or others. To be honest even, bass is not really his forte in the absolute. Please note I'm not saying that one can not do good bass lines with Matrix 1000, no. It is you who are making bass lines, not bcane ... but even when there is a lack sitting level. So you will have if you like the soothsayer infra go your way.
For leads, but has spent most be honest it sounds a bit thin and not very powerful. Better a good mono VCO families for a (excuse my snobitude). Furthermore the envelopes do not seem to be the thunders of war.

A final word on the really very good audio quality, with good dynamics and especially almost no breath volume background, which for analog (even COD) is not forcment acquired (- -> Juno 60).


I wanted a cheap analog synth to satisfy my needs polyphonic, mainly for my sheets and my 80's brass. This is exactly what I needed. For this type of sound there is hardly the best quality-price ratio (most of the time cheaper than a plug!).
So I would say that the Matrix 1000 belongs this family of inexpensive synths (between 150 and 350 euros), not forcment more versatile (or best known), but that sound terribly well in their respective fields, the example image of the JX series of Roland, Yamaha CS-5/10, Korg Delta, 700, Crumar Bit One, Waldorf Microwave 1, Pulse, and so on.