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User Review

Amazing versatility for the $$ - Reviews Waldorf Pulse 2

Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Advanced Users
I wanted to extend my digital oriented keyboards (Yamaha MOTIF, TX81Z) with a truly analog synth. Some key reasons to go for Pulse 2: 3 oscillators; Synch; Paraphonic Pulse; Pulse modulation; Feedback; extensive modulation matrix; Arpeggio.
Obviously one needs to be able to cope with the matrix editing approach. I think it is pretty straightforward. I used the machine for over 1 year now, my key experience.
Quality and versatility are a real bargain for the $$. I prefer this to synths that have more knobs but are so much more limited for the same $$, or even minimoog.
The sound is great, really strong in bass, warm sound, great to use as minimoog or other classic analog synths
Endless possibilities, still unexplored. Both in modulation matrix, voice routing and arpeggio
Paraphonic pulse and Unison really allow to use this as a poly synth, string machine
Small form factor allows to easily add to master keyboard as extra synth, it takes no space and many patches make it great for live performance
Lack of public patches, this machine has lots of possibilities, there should be many more programming guru's trying this out.
Lack of a good software librarian, there are a few editors but they lack good patch management. This is linked to the weak patch selection on the Pulse 2, a favorites tag is dearly missing with 500 patches available
Arpeggio hard to program, the modes (reset, Oct, ..) seem to be more designed to puzzle rather than create arpeggios. Also some bugs, like not being able to add repeated notes.
The Ext in is noisy, there is clear hiss following the amp envelope
No simple reverb and delay, should be so easy to add
Conclusion: worth every penny, great sound and inspires every day to create new sounds. I think it is underrated by the pro's.