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User Review

moosers's review - Moog Music Little Phatty

The Moog Music Little Phatty is one of the newest Moog synths in a long line of classic instruments. It combines both the classic Moog sound with modern parameters and options. The keyboard spans about two and a half octaves and has 1/4 inch audio inputs and outputs as well as pitch, volume, filter, and gate outputs. It also has a MIDI input and output and has both a pitch and modulation wheel. The Moog Music Little Phatty can be both polyphonic and monophonic, depending on which patch or setting you are using.


The configuration of the Moog Music Little Phatty is pretty easy to follow, especially if you have any experience with any type of Moog synth. While there are a lot of parameters to get used to, it only adds to the versatility and overall number of sounds that this can produce. The manual for the Moog Music Little Phatty is pretty thorough and is definitely a good thing to have around while learning this instrument.


The sound quality of the Moog Music Little Phatty is awesome. It can achieve all of the classic sounds you think of when you think of a Moog synth, but contains the digital aspects that make it capable of storing and recalling sounds easily. The feel of the keyboard is pretty nice and it is an easy instrument to play. The tones from the Moog Music Little Phatty are unique as well as interesting and versatile.


I've been using the Moog Music Little Phatty for about six months and have found it to be a great synth. I believe it is the latest synth that Moog has put out, and it is definitely much cheaper than I would expect a synth of this type to go for. Having both the analog and digital aspects makes this an awesome synth that is perfect for the modern player looking to get vintage sounds. Overall, the Moog Music Little Phatty is another great synthesizer from Moog Music.