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User Review

Document02's review - Moog Music Little Phatty

A monophonic analog synth with a big sound ... this is what we demand.
Not trying TOPR connections CV, but it looks complete. MIDI connectors also.

Buttons and knobs are well made trs, people come here immediately and were on hand nickel.

has noted the possibility to saturate the filter with the "overload" and the sound becomes trs large, with a modern and more grain. bliss.


In use, if you used a DJ Synth is super simple.

on the other hand ... one knob for the filter, we can not rule at the same time the frequency and resonance. in addition, when the knobs on a parameter that is changed lee rule, there is no "pick-up", the adjustment is defeated on.

In short, the filter is not really usable in real time, and remains confined to a setting as possible at the same time, if another button Settings, you are exposed to more of a jump on the sound (jumps from sound grain, not white ...).

A new version was released Little Phatty, the interface does correct. I always regret the lack of potentiomtres, but now there is a pick-up quite convincing and making synthe usable.


The sounds are top (the ism is not what we demand this kind of synth is made to sound analog and it sounds like he has), for against the lack of knob ESG really rglages in real time, it is difficult to make direct modulation.


A quick test in the store to see if it suited me, the rponse DEFINITIONS is not.

The sound is gnial, it is enjoyable to the touch but .... not enough rglages live!

A new test with the synthe Updated is much more convincing, it still sounds as well, but the interface is usable. I glance at beginners Whereas a synth fun but useless, he became a synth trs fun and recommended.

Be careful when you buy so Determines the exact version that it offers