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User Review

mooseherman's review - Oberheim OB-8

This analog synth is arguably the best synth I've ever played in my life. More versatile than most synths of its ilk, it's got some of the richest tones that I've ever heard come out of an electronic instrument. It's an eight-voice polyphonic synthesizer with controllers for all effects, including pitch, modulation, sustain, vibrato, tremolo, and others. It originally didn't come with midi but some have been retrofitted to use MIDI. Since these are not made anymore, they're really expensive, and you're just as likely to find one with MIDI as without. The original synth was able to connect to other OB synths through the digital buss system that Oberheim developed. This technology also allows the synth to connect to drum machines and sequencers, though only with particular models which I have not come across.


The setup isn't too difficult, and the manual is clear enough on how to operate it. Since it's an older piece of gear, the technology isn't too complex, and most people should be able to figure it out. The editing and effects can take some time to be able to manipulate with ease, but with practice it becomes a more natural process.


The sounds of the OB-8 are some of the most useful synth sounds I've ever used or seen used on recordings. They are known for replicating actual instrument sounds as much as creating their own warm, powerful, unique textures. They are particularly effective for adding huge low end to recordings, as well as providing other subtle textures. They avoid the cheesy sounds that most digital synths and 80s synths tend to produce. Its certainly the most expressive synth I've played and there isn't a single sound that I don't like. In fact I really like most of them, a few of them are nice but nothing I would use regularly. That being said, I'm sure we'll find a use even for those at the studio in the near future.


I've only recently started using this synth but I'm pretty much obsessed with it. It's quite an impressive piece of gear. As someone who used to cringe at the mere mention of synthesizers, I can honestly say it's the real deal. It's definitely way out of the price range of most people, but it's definitely up there with any Oberheim synthesizer in my opinion. I can't speak for all of them, but the few that I've heard are pretty comparable to this one. I've tried other synths but none compare in my opinion (except for the OB-4 and some of the other Oberheims). I can't tell anybody to pay the ridiculous price that they are inevitably going to end up paying, but I will say that if you want one analog synth, save up and get this one. You'll be glad you did.