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User Review

Gofrancky's review - Oberheim OB-8


Polyphony - 8 voices
Oscillators - 2 VCO with "voice": saw, pulse, triangle
Memory - 120 programs reported pice, split 12 programs, 12 doubles and programs; stored on tape external
To give discharge to the MIDI SysEx (in data dump)
Filter - 2 pole or 4 pole VCF switchable in ADSR
LFO - Triangle, Square, Ramp, Hold + Samp
Keyboard - 61 keys (can be doubled or DDouble, no velocity or aftertouch
ARPEGE / Seq - 8 note arpeggiator with sync source collection's outdoor
Control - MIDI (channels 1-9) as an amendment supplmentaire
Date sotie - 1983 - 1985


Configuration gnrale n'estpas too bad, we are really in the Oberheim ... We get used to it quickly trs.
The OB-8 is fully programmable and sounds hot trs
The edition of the sounds is very easy, I almost never even touch the manual.


The sounds that we are just simply to enjoy with aubtient monster is a perfect vritable (in my humble opinion). Here we have the real sound "analogue" of the 80s.
Each of these voices is Tunen, and thus gives a sound and trs pais "hot".
J'addore his arpgiateur (8 notes.
Tons of controls and effects of modulation of the LFO is a possibles.Enffet infifni.
Page 2 button is used to assign all the entire front panel controls deuxime a set of parameter.
I find the touch and aftertouch excellent for VLOC is "fantastic".
(There are none!)
I love all the sounds that come out ... without distinction.


I use it for 7 years I have even two!
I love it Gueule, but above all the ground it produces.
In the era or c'tait I got my first in this range, then I ssay prdcsseurs these, that is to say, OB-1, OB -Xa, OB-X, but none of them convinced me as much as him!.
Its price, the silent era one can "salquot;, but I have never regretted my achat.Je volontiaujourd'hui do it again ....