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User Review

superlative sound! - Reviews Oberheim OB-X

32 to 128 expanses memories with Encore Midi


control surface aerated and very pleasant: knobs and buttons very spaces, a = a function button, no submenus
the OBX is a relatively simple synth with possibilities, noble descendant of elephants white, SEM and other modules 2 or 4 channels, no need for manual user


Ah sound OBX!
see youtube videos of RetroSound example referred to as the "memories"
is there another poly analog world that sounds as good?
the sound is crystalline in acute round in serious ... a great harmonic texture and lively, pure analog juice thanks to the virtual absence of chips on the sound card. apart envelopes, everything is discrete
s added to this texture slight detuning of each channel stereo and distribution of each of them on the pan

connect an OBX on a high quality audio system, start with a sawtooth wave simple, a chord on the keyboard, press a little vibrato and the magic is already the

PWM is also the beauty of the whole, as well as polyphonic portamento

the bass sound like timpani, while the treble you tear a tear of emotion ...

this sound great due to the OBX device research by demanding ears. it nya beson of no effect, the sound is raw, massive living

its only small defect: a little slow envelopes


I use it for 3 years and am still blown away by the fantastic sound every time that I have the pleasure of light! a device that I will never sell and no possible comparison with his cousins ​​teams curtis chips, ssm or roland
it is simple, but what he does, he does better than others!

regarding the reliability, an upgrade was made full (trimmmers change, the condo tantalum, selector channels) for 3 years and no problem!