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User Review

Anonymous's review - Oberheim OB-X

The OB-X is the first programmable polyphonic synth with memory and Oberheim. The TVS, EVS and FVS n'tant not really programmable same fashion ... Before him there was only the Prophet V (released in 1978) which proposed cell. The OB-X is not really a competitor to the Prophet V Contents of possibilities, modulations. Say it now, the OB-X is not a machine made for sound research. He was so available in 4, 6 and 8 voices (such as OB-Xa). Each voice has two VCOs available with waveforms and PWM saw available. A low pass filter 12 dB / oct, 2 envelopes, an LFO with adjustable sine, sawtooth and S / H. With the same modulation matrix which is found two years later on the OB-Xa. There is a gnrateur white noise, we can just choose a rate of 100% or 50%. Same for the volume of VCO 2. It's full, half or nothing. This shows many limitations dj Contents programming. There are 32 Memoirs in the OB-X, memory speeds are very very satisfied. Note that adding the kit noon Encore Electronics provides an evolution of 88 places of memory as well (ie 120 in total)

It is equipped with an original 5 octave keyboard Pratt & Read, which tends to age badly. A change against a membrane keyboard Panasonic makes the greater good ... nice thing is, it s owner connections CV / Gate to the voice card No. 1. Thus allowing to drive through what nimporte squenceur analog. Almost an OB-1 plus limit (without the sub osciliateur or multi-mode filter). The stereo outputs are also a big plus, with the possibility of panning left and right voices in the sound space, allowing a very powerful stereo effect.

There is also a cassette interface, but the quality leaves a little desires.

Its reliability is legendary prove more; find an OB-X is currently running in perfect condition is almost find a pice of currency in a haystack. It's very very rare ...


L there is not much to criticize. It is really very simple to use. The knobs and buttons are very space. It s a real pleasure to program this synth. No need for manual. Everything is done Manir intuitive. The 32 memory space is a bit limited, but we must not forget that in 1979 c'tait dj very nice to have a programmable polyphonic synth with Memoirs ...


The strong point of this synth ... As the architecture of its cards is almost similar to the famous SEM of a brand, thus almost an electronic Entirely discrete, the sound is very very close White Elephants! There is just the envelopes were seen filled chips Curtis 3310. It's missing is the multi-mode filter and the illusion is perfect (a change that is very easily doable).
I would rate the sound very clear, very presents, liquid, organic. An OB-Xa sound darker, availing oneself less of claret at the top and bottom of the spectrum. No need to add a multi-purpose APRS an OB-X, it sounds incredibly broad, certainly also the tuning of its voice-cards that are not always perfect, despite the prcieuse using the Auto Tune.
The sheets are beautiful, very sweet, deep and warm. Leads are ultra presents. Bass, without being aggressive and Scheer have a monster PCHE. The filter achieves brass sounds superb. Forget cons by the effects of sick, almost an FM Jupiter 6, etc. ... It's really big sound amricain, that only he or Four-/-Eight Voices to arrive.


I availing oneself for 3 years. And he does for 3 years down. Besides, it is still not in perfect condition ... self-tune a few problem. If there was no such eternal problem of reliability (condos, trim-pots, etc. ...), brief the poor quality of construction so typical of polys amricains (a Prophet V c is even worse ...), I recommend it warmly.

I recommend it more to lovers of his Oberheim, those who know someone who can help will repair if there is a problem, or those who have a big budget to maintain it.

It is relatively simple, but it sounds like a big truck. And is the point I like most. A bit like my Juno 60 actually ...