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User Review

VinceBlood's review - Oberheim OB-Xa

I own the model 120 with 8 channels programs. The characteristics of the OB-Xa is rather small compared to modern synths, but it is a standard small end.

What to remember here is two inland VCO (Saw and Pulse), 12dB and 24dB filter (one or the other), a noise (on / off), an LFO (sine / square / sh ) modulating the frequency, the filter or pulse width, an envelope follower to create VCO2 glides.

There is NO original MIDI or CV / gate (unlike his elder, the OB-X). There is, against an interface 'computer' to connect the DSX sequencer. With modification from a specialist, it is possible to install a kit noon (Kenton, for example) for those who can not do without MIDI.

Finally, this synth uses a technology mainly based Chipset Curtis, reliable but is completely obsolete today.


After starting the synth, it takes about 20 minutes to stabilize the VCO. Auto-tune button allows any time to give each card's synth tracks.

The grip is on the other hand could not be more simple because all parameters are directly accessible. Buttons and knobs are large enough, clearly organized and well spaced apart. The keyboard is a bit noisy but I find it enjoyable.

Programming is easy enough, its a good program to quickly is surprising.


This is the highlight of the synth, it has a personality, a character, the sound is very warm and fat. It sounds just Oberheim. The sound is quite typed 80 (Queen - I Want To Break Free, for example), so we will not use it for a main function as rightly pointed out the previous post. This is something that will no doubt add value to a piece if used rightly.

Sounds typical of the OB-Xa is the ground 'brass' presence with major media and remarkable, ground light, sound scripts Sweet Dream, percussive sounds such organ (excellent), the sync leads and special effects simple (not a modular either).


I own this synth for about eight months, it gives me great pleasure every time I play with, it has a sound that moves me. An happiness for me!