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User Review

korg800dv's review - Roland RS-09

Orctaves keyboard 3 and a half
Tone control for fine, non-resonant low pass filter, volume, chorus I and II (the famous RS202) louse String selectors I and II (serious and acute) general tone selector + /-1octave) and start-organ I and II + attack and sustain envelopes and type I or II, the difference is obvious that at long sustain.
Stereo output + Organ + RAW SiG a TRIGGER input
Polyphony (octave divider)
A selector function of tilt for the pitch and amplitude with speed and I think the delay (check)


The configaration is it simple? : Well, yes ... could not be more simple
sounds s'éditent the most logical way that is analog, but on a more than very limited range of tilt not just on / off switch on string or organ parts
Domage there have no real filter section or nobody has studied a development of this side .. Notice to experts ...


The sounds are not realistic for Strings section but for the organ section is not bad.
on the other hand for Strings to the sounds Jarre Vangelis or passed through a phaser (I use my Korg 8000R AM because my pedal PSK PASII passed away (a small LED to change ais no time)
The chorus is huge and the sound is very beautiful and very bold. (I also have a Crumar Multiman S that sounds just as good ...)
Sonnorités brief question you'll understand that I am conquered


I've had 2 years and I use it every time
purchased with PSK pedal and a Korg DW6000 PAS2 for the sum of 450 € the lot average case but that suits me.
I forgot to mention that it was designed to accompany the course of SH09 or identical format and appearance