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User Review

perfect vintage gear - Reviews Roland SYSTEM 100

This is a classic analog synth from I think the 70’s. I sounds amazing and looks great. I haven't seen a piece of vintage analog keyboard great look this cool. Using it will make time go by really fast because it does take some effort and patience to get what you want to get out of it. But once you get the hang of it , it wont take as long to get the job done. But it still wont be quick, remember this is vintage gear and its not like dialing up a bunch of presets from today’s work station keyboards.


There are two on board speakers that sound great, but sometimes in these units when purchasing them the speakers can sound crappy. Its just because they have been through all types of stuff and they are 40 years old. If one of the speakers go out, they really aren't that hard to fix, I have done it myself before, but I didn’t have to rig it up. But its just so you can hear it, its really not going to affect the sound once you record it into your mixer. Sequencing on this unit is something that I do not do, I hate sequencing on old gear, I would rather just record the audio out into my daw and go from there.


The sounds are very nice and thick, they did require a lot of eq because some of them where really thick on the low end so I had to cut it back a bit to make it sit right in the mix. But I still use this board a lot today, though I don’t have it here at my house I can still get my hands on it whenever I want at a local musicians house that I work with a lot.


This unit is great, it is pretty expensive and I don’t think I will every be able to afford one for home, not that I would want to because it would take up a lot of space and a lot of space I don’t have here. But if I do get some space this will be the first piece of gear that I get to fill it.