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User Review

super stable, great - Reviews Roland Jupiter-8

Everything has been said about that. Mine is internal noon meets without pb


Again, as we know, each parameter has its knob ....


The keyboard is great, it's amazing after 30 years it is nickel, very nice, soft. I am mostly with electro. For some sounds must put an end, I torque to the Ensoniq DP4 + is really great.


13 years ago that I have. I love the stability, support autotune just after 5 minutes heating. The strength, reliability (the most reliable of all analog I had), the sound of course. The weight is his fault but hey you can not do everything. It is not easily did the same thing with this app is clear but true for most analos. The debate on the price is ridiculous and sterile (so is the collection of old cars, etc ... you believe a Citroen DS 80 000 euros is justified?!). We can make great music without a jupiter 8 it is clear, even though I love it.