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User Review

Ouch! - Reviews Roland SYSTEM 100 - 101 "Synthesizer"

The trick is quick.


Two fingers plenty.


Prefer silence.


I bought it at the "time for a pittance. This was actually the only one I could m" offer stock monumental that my dealer offered analog "of préféré.Sa shop was just down in me ... Let me tell you that I spent whole days! Petit balance, 10 later, I can say that this purchase was the worst I've done ... Never managed to get a single sound exploited this poor thing. Hyper limited. It can do a few things (and still are we in the sound comma junk) and that's it! The sound is ugly, cramped ... vain. Yet j 'masochistic pleasure that I seek beauty in the least attractive things. But then I gave up! I left gathering dust and sold for the same price with a hilarious relief. J' I had an Alpha Juno 2 right after (which was still not a good deal) I used more than one. This means! When I see that the proposed 950 euros today ' Today, I realize that this crazy world is full of speculators, deaf and assholes ... Go your way, good people!