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User Review

tetripor's review - Roland SYSTEM 100 - 101 "Synthesizer"

Modular monophonic synthesizer 3 octaves
Gnrateur a white noise / pink
ADSR Envelope
Portamento and glide
Bf 1 output, 1 output hf
1 headphone
2 / 1 Mini trig
2 / 1 Mini CV
1 / 0 Mini VCO

Polyphony 1 channel, necessarly ...
This synthesis is part of a set of modules which include:
the expander module 102
the 103 sequencer
The 104 mixer
These last two I have not t great usefulness since it was better, and they are a bit oversized.
In contrast, the 102 quickly becomes indispensable adj got at 101. When we hear the possibilities with a single VCO, with 2 one falls to the ground so it's powerful.


Very simple configuration, it comes out right away something. It's gonna sound space surround the big bass slamming. Note that the transistors are the same as TB 303, and easily found the sound of the little sister.

Good use gross, it's a pleasure to meet a rich sound world and mallable in improv, but it is unusable as is. We need a sequencer DEFINITIONS analog or adapter cv / gate to enjoy it.
Note that the highest function intressant, the LFO, which can assign virtually all functions of the synth is not connected to the trig. Farewell, then sync the LFO with a boti external LFO reset.
The black point of the system 100 for a connection noon. We need to change the circuit lctronique to be able to control this LFO (starting 200 euros) because without it the possibilities srieusement flange of the machine and it clearly loses its charm without AC, or c east towards the sampler each use. Remains after mod, I use it in all registers, and the possibilities are endless.


The sounds are extremely powerful, treble with the cutoff / resonance are what DEFINITIONS nimporte numrique race. It's simple but not like anything else, has twists in the loop temps.Une fixed "move" despite everything, it's psych.
Besides the will integrate into a home studio is just the galleys, the sound literally eats the spectrum and covers all other synths, pressing well on the coldness of the latter. Ms. jomox my bass sounds ct cheap system of 100, I sample from elsewhere to make destructive kicks well.

The potential is enormous, with a multi effects Behind it covers the ultra low fat and high tones of space opera with the same rglage. FYI I found the system 100 more aggressive than my sh 101, less purring.
For connoisseurs, it is used in the live tetrips several times. It is found in a lot of bands techno-electro, acid hardcore. DEFINITIONS is a monster.


I use this synth for 8 years. It is a BCAN drove me to the old analog and cuckoos, the sounds are overpowering DEFINITIONS compares dboulade numriques of revivals that we used for 10 years . Still, it must change, it has become very rare, and that side more and more expensive. At 800 euros, I think it is better privilgier the rest of the home studio for newbies. It's pretty boring use of hands for use without a sync tekno noon.

But purists will find a big sound alli life without detours. None of my synths analos of PCHE has the system 100, which almost everything depends on what satan LFO. My moog, TB, Wersi, even if they are extraordinary, not the grain and the atmosphere. I think even in a resume or two to make me a complete set ... Words.
Knowing that the beast has 30 years, and that rserves disappear, having now 700 euros (which silent hill dj's 8 years ago) is still a good buy, it's worth, and he will not lose value. For info on the Belgian sell around 1200 euros, and even when apart.

If you ever have the opportunity to test one, you will find it difficult not to embark on his arm. The listen it now!