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At the bottom of the class near the radiator ... - Reviews Vermona Synthesizer

Value For Money : Excellent
Large (in size) monophonic analog synthesizer, a rather peculiar look but the architecture remains with 2 VCO (Pulse, Ramp, Square, Noise) and an LFO conventional Vcf and Vac classic. A keyboard 44 keys, it also seems to me that the synthesizer in 1982. For the rest the quality is really laughable and keyboard would move the Pro 1 for a Steinway.


Nothing complicated course architecture is a classic analog synthesizer ultra difficult to get any easier. A button function, and of course no need for manual.


So here we are in the low range of the analog Vintage, I have rarely heard an analog synthesizer sound so bad. The sound has a certain presence but remains hopelessly hollow without charm, a sort of poor Moog kitsch. Any mono analog of a serious mark (or even modern or old Va) offer sound much higher than the Vermona.


To fast, an intriguing look, quality manufacturing lamentable, poor sound and icing on the cake reliability relative, a very short disreputable Machine except for collectors or those who find themselves in a garage sale for a very small price, but beyond the symbolic sum fraud is not far.