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Antari HZ

Antari HZ-350

User reviews on Antari HZ products

Recommended (Antari - HZ-100)

By diamsseb, 29/07/2013
I used for 2 season no problem with, consumes very little product.

This is my first model fog machine following a recommendation from a colleague, I would do the purchase.

The most expensive is the transportation flycase I find expensive.

Avoid (Antari - HZ-100)

By Clément.D, 04/09/2013
I bought this new machine and I used it once before returning to the supplier ... Let me explain: I think the liquid is very (too much for me) fat! compared to other model (look unique 2.1 antari X310) not in fact uses the same type of product. I contacted a friend who owns the HZ-100 for a while and my well confirmed that after using this machine, he found at the end of its service machines (lyres, scans) and fat that even the within them!
I then made the HZ-100 and I chose one that I use for X310 .. and I do not regret that choice ... quite the contrary! even though the X310 is a bit more expensive I think it is the best choice in the long run!

A very good record (Antari - HZ-100)

By lewis61, 03/11/2013
I use it for 1 year.

This is my first fog machine. I tested a lot of smoke machine, but it is true that the record is completely different.

The fog does not cause inconvenience to the public and it makes very nice lighting effects.

It is true that it is a bit noisy because of the compressor. But the advantage is that you connected and there is no warm-up time. It consumes very little liquid fog.

Does the job ... (Antari - HZ-500)

By pyrex, 25/09/2014
* How long have you use it?
I for 1 year now. I use it regularly, but not every day either. Between 5 and 20 hours per week in a room of 400 seats (with balcony and under the stage-curbs).

* Did you try many other models before buying it?
ZR24, Look, Mdg 3000 and atmospere.
For problems of air and air heat / cold below current stage, we had to find a machine with a little heavier for better stability in space fog.
We had a ZR24.Nous have started borrowing (very long term) a single but crachouille too light fog and mainly brought us trouble made a mad spending budget for maintenance ..
Then we tested the MDG that worked fine, but outside the budget. Finally, a friend lent us the HZ500.

* What thing do you like most and least?
EXTRAS: The compressor system, no warm-up time, a little more heavy fog (which suits us), DMX control, a very Low Power Product ... his flight ... then the PRICE!
LEAST: The vibration, the noise, no graduation rate, weight can be ... a tendency to let the "fat" at 1m at the outlet of the nozzle, its non-adjustable jet.

* How would you rate the quality / price?
A good value at the moment. I do not know if the returns are frequent service and how that figure, but for the moment I do not ground me.

* With experience, you do again this choice?
I think so. But I would take more time to study and compare other brands ... Antari the commissioners that I welcome, but they are quickly impressed with the rendering laugh. Only problem is the scale of the flow, and vibration.