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User Review

Trs effective - Reviews Roland VG-99

For the character, see below, to take two pages. Two inde-pendent stereo output jack + output to amp scratches. Footswitch jacks, expression pedal, pdalier ddi FC300 (too expensive ...)
That's all numrique but honntement must be manic to find his dish or cold.
1. no send / return, it was a shame for those with overdrive lamp.
2. Roland construction: it certainly raise very solid, but the plastic o I prfr mtal a carcass a bit more vintage. In addition, attention to sensor cable VG-99, which is closer to the cable noon (so fragile) and the jack indestructible. We must therefore secure the cable.
D'o 9 instead of 10.
A word about the installation of sensor GK3: on an easel TuneOMatic (Les Paul, 335, Sheraton ...) is possible in 30 minutes, the longest is dcorder the guitar because the sensor attaches directly to easel. On an easel was vibrato must be a different story.


Config ultra-simple, very well think it opens the manual once or twice and the rest were triturated and costing! The edition is logical and easy. Many in contrl facade, all assignable very simple (6 + 2 encoders in facade switches, 1 + 2 encoder switches on the guitar (sensor GK3), + anything you want by controlling MIDI at the base, a D-beam and a ribbon to sculpt the sound of sustained notes). Manuel impeccable, thank you Roland.


The effects are impressive (I do not list: there are any). Some reviews criticize the simplicity of Time limits but I wonder if users open the manual: it was the dlai stereo, dual reverse, analog, tape, with rinjection and hold (maintaining infinity) the all with 2.8 seconds of memory, I think that's enough for a multi-purpose ...

For cons, the famous Roland rverbs ... argh. It's usable but there is always something unnatural. From the time they should change their algorithm, the latest free plugin sounds better. For hard, sticking a small prvoir Elec TC or Lexicon ass LV for rverbs. Knowing that each patch change the VG can send a program change to the external effects so that they line up, soon the galleys.

For modlisations, I will not talk about realism: I am a pianist and saxophonist based and I do not care much whether that's really sounds like a Start 65 'on a Mesa Boogie. I do not know actually. The important thing is that DIFFERENT modlisations have their own personality. The strata are chattering, the 335 are jazz, Flatwound are more jazz, acoustic surprising low growl as it should. Synthsrpondent the finger and the eye, they squeak, grunt and caress. So we forget the pRSET for Japan and put the hands dirty in reliance ears.
NB: I will not talk about distos, I never do dishes (jazz style), but the crunch rpondent very naturally.

I use it with the Sheraton, a sensor GK3, Elixir strings (attention, even with a sensor hex impact the brilliant sound of the strings) and a Jamman Stereo.

One last thing: with this gear, forget all your stack lamp, which he wants is a neutral HP. So keyboard amp, monitors or PA applications. My home is an active speaker bte 12 '300 euros Thomann and sounds 10x better than on my Vox.


Useful since one month, I rediscover the guitar. Multi-purpose I had the Boss (but c'tait way long ago), the Digitech (better, especially the reverbs) and Vox (yum). VG breaks out everything without effort, reverbs put hand.

The pros: you can do anything. Everything. And respect the game
The -: be obliged to abandon her pretty amp and agree to have the ugly numrique in its signal. But worth it. Plus I do not like Roland (ie psychological) but they bury everyone with this BCAN so I put my snobbery ct.

Q / P: 1100 euros with the sensor, let honnte is very expensive when you're not pro. But there is no alternative. Therefore seen as a. .. soon to buy ten guitars, fifteen amp, a bass and three synths, and the shed for storage.

With exprience, I go back well in time for its release buy ds, hh.