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User Review

Anonymous's review - Roland VG-99

Multi-effects, amp simulator, guitar (electric, acoustic, bass) synth with a midi interface.
The VG99 contains the equivalent of two-level systems of the GT-Pro (COSM include two GT-Pro).
Applied COSM effects and amp simulations / guitar / synth.
Effects / simulations can be edited through an editor via a USB connection.
The same connection can record 24 bit 44 khz. VG99 librarian software is supplied to manage the effects and presets created.
Front panel connectors:
_ Sensor input GK3
_ Controllers:
_ A ribbon controller that is used by sliding his finger on it (hard plastic)
_ D Beam detects the passage of an object (neck of the guitar) above the sensor can be used to change the preset switch between two guitars ... .. change effects .. etc. ..
Rear panel connectors:
in order from left to right
_ A guitar input jack
_ A guitar output jack (its unmodified guitar)
_ 2 outputs L / R XLR
_ 2 outputs Unbalanced jack L / R
_ 1 x headphone / phono
_ 1 digital output (SPDIF)
_ An input jack for an expression pedal EV5 (recommended)
_ An input jack for a footswitch Boss FS-6 (recommended)
_ 1 x USB
_ 1 x RJ45 to connect the FC-300 MIDI foot controller with the supplied cable (do not connect to an ethernet network)
_ A power input ... there is a small external transformer

The unit is rack vertically using spacers as an option.
It is possible to fix on a horizontal support on one foot.
The unit comes with a USB cable, a cable connection at GK3 (the GK3 must be purchased separately) a cable connection to the pedal FC-300, 4 wheel to screw the unit on the braces rack.
A manual in English, a CD-ROM containing the driver and two USB interfaces for machine management (modeling and library)

We regret the absence of:
_ A manual in French

Video presentation here:


The manual is in English ... the operating system of the machine also .. no localization possible.
The firmware updates are possible by transfer of MIDI files (see the forum).
Editing is easy, depending on what you want to do it will read the manual ...
People who have had a GT6/GT8 gather the large data wheel to change the preset.
400 200 user preset banks (editable) and 200 system.
We recall the screens with buttons ... then each screen has several pages that you scroll with the arrow keys. It changes the settings for the buttons in front below the screen.
I return to the aesthetics of the machine. I was unpleasantly surprised by the screen made of white squares on a black background. I expected a better definition more in line with the quality of the software interface. So the definition of the screen is rough ... but to use it proves very comfortable ... the inclined plane longer large print can work at 1 meter from the camera without blinking.
Still on the aesthetic disappointment because the case is not the same metal as the GT6 and GT8. The bottom is plastic and it looks like plastic but cold like metal alloy appears to be fairly soft. Touch is graphite and enjoyable. Fragile ... so be careful ... this model is not built like a tank.

It will be appreciated that D-Beam allows you to change preset guitar effects .. last of all what we want just by passing the sleeve over the sensor. The ribbon control is more controversial ... made of hard plastic it works great and allows the control of modulation / pitch etc ... but how to play guitar at the same time make a wha with a finger? It may help in the studio.

We connect the guitar with the cable in the GK3 facade in the device ... the guitar signal itself returning in GK3. We can use the GK3 at leisure, or the guitar signal or a mix of both.

The GK3 has a knob for volume control that can be assigned to the control of another parameter, two buttons for variations within a preset (state) and finally a switch signal GK3/signal guitar / mix of both .
The GK3 is provided with means for mounting the sensor range. The GK3 in itself damaging to place it on the guitar strap attachment: _ it has a metal face fabric / foam to protect the guitar.
The sensor can be placed on a support screwed into the guitar. This support can be mounted on an easel type gibson (without degradation for the guitar). The sensor can also be bonded through double-sided adhesive on the guitar. Shims are provided to adjust the space between the strings and capteur.J 'I chose the latter non-destructive editing for the guitar and it fits comfortably.
The MIDI standard is accessible via the USB or the MIDI output. We can therefore dispense with a Midi interface for the PC.
The system works very well with cubase, ableton wrong with the steering ... magix VST is immediately noticeable.

I lowered my rating because of the problem of locating the device.
The build quality shocked me the first day I expected to find a way tank construction and WP6 knob (on stage attention must be paid) for at ... As I discovered the qualities of this I found the camera ... smile and good ergonomics of the whole I am satisfied.


The models made by the GK3 are excellent, more loyal than those provided by a Variax. One stratum to the tone and dynamics of a stratum, ditto for TV etc ... The acoustic guitars are successful. Everything is tweakable.
The open tuning can be used. It is possible to program an acoustic sound on a string, an electric sound on the next string, open Tune all, to ask the VG99 to turn all this into 12 strings ... and open each independently Tune twelve strings of the chord associated .... phew (pretty basic after all, o)).

I do not put the maximum to take into account the opinion of some people who do not like the GT-Pro. For the treatment of bare sound of the guitar, the sound of the GT-Pro. For the models against the GK3 deserve full marks because I know nothing about that for now ... equal Fender Roland has not chosen for its VGcaster for nothing.

See the first samples provided here:

Here with more talent and time, there are some VST appears:

_the samples "directly out of the box" are not very good, outstanding sensor hack with Cubase LE which does not generate the mp3. The last two samples 7 & 8 give a better quality recording (sensor set and I used another sequencer that generates mp3 320kb / s) ... there is a loss of momentum, however, probably due to streaming or upload to the server from the original mp3. I would do the samples in the same quality slowly ... other samples are coming according to my whims. O)


I am personally very satisfied with the models offered and in fact I use more than that ... I have not wanted to use it for the functions of the GT-Pro (I look at my beautiful guitar gathering dust ).
I came back on the scoring on 12 string and I am definitely on the c. ..
Patch 66 that simulates two twelve strings are to die for.
I do not understand how this type of equipment does not know more success.
The quality of the simulations is staggering (to eat the headphones AKG 271), the genius of Roland and the idea of ​​having two processors for two guitars. Except that opening the door combinations which prove to be far from the gadget (the low E string and electric guitar for the others) as Roland stated in its manual it is recommended that a time one defined a model of guitar / amp to double it by adding the second a slight delay. It works fantastically well and we gain in realism and dynamic ...
I put the maximum .. this product is really ... to discover the GK3.
(Incidentally, I did not know of any product, or want to spend the GT8 Pro, I'm leaning towards this product which brought together such a GT-Pro and features MIDI. I did not pay attention to the modeling side. .. and yet it is this aspect of the machine that wins because of its unsurpassed quality now. Who uses this system? Well, I think a lot of professional background in the studio, but discreetly apart .... Bertignac came to play a song with a Gibson SG400 taratata equipped with GK3 and obviously the distortion was not from the guitar)

Finally I'm here and still available for more detailed information.