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User Review

Awesome! - Reviews Roland GR-55GK

All connections are possible (only guitar pickups, microphones, guitars + mic GK or GK pickup only).
The pedal offers separate outputs for synth parts and guitars.
For the guitar output, with or without modeling.
To put it simply, everything is customizable.

Important: GR-55 save 10 configurations of guitars, and either guitar or bass. Knowing that the microphones are calibrated differently from one guitar to another, it is a very interesting point.

To see the rest of the features Roland website.


The general configuration is simple, but since everything is customizable, you can spend hours to resolve, it is an advantage (to be able to control everything), but it is also a disadvantage, considering that we pass more time searching SOUND rather than play ....
However, the factory sounds are excellent, and we begin to find patches programmed sounds by other users.

The manual is clear (French version available for download), and very well explained.

An interface for PC and MAC is programming that is more user-friendly than the pedal itself.


The hardest part is installing the micro hexaphonic. Before buying, make sure the guitar is compatible (space between the first and the micro bridge).
On my bass, I have not had any problems, although the space is really small, I installed the microphone (with mounting screws).
On my guitar SAMICK, no place between the micro and the bridge: require buying a new guitar to install micro GK3.

Once calibrated micro hexaphonic (very simple operation which is done only once), the use is simple.

The manual is very clear for all these operations.

I put 7 for the installation of micro might be easier if Roland worked with manufacturers making their guitars make adapters that would set the "caches" and microphones that would screw directly micro GK3.


I use it for 2 months on my bass with a microphone GK3B.
I had never tried before.
The rendering is spectacular, extraordinary gameplay.
No lag between what I play and what I listen to.

What I love most: the ability to open tuning without detuning the guitar. We can transform the low 4 strings 5 ​​string provided it does not need the G string (example: Another Brick in the Wall to be played with a D major chord on SI -> SI-tuning MI -LA-RE).

For now, there is nothing I do not like ...

The quality / price is very reasonable compared to what you offer this product.

I remake that choice without hesitation!

I'm waiting for my new guitar GK3 up my microphone, and I will give a new notice with the guitar.