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User Review

Bad! - Reviews Roland GR-55GK

See reviews for other features. I simply say that the connection is very complete.


The general configuration is simple for anyone accustomed to this kind of material. For those menus and "digital" repel settings, operate the unit as long as possible before buying to see if you'll get used. My local music retailer sent me a new purchaser of GR55 so I showed him the basics and there's never happened and was very disappointed.

Everything is relatively simple, even if here and there menus or functions are not very practical.

The manual is not bad, but again it depends on the level of habit that we navigate through menus, etc ...


I picked up the camera quickly.

With GK3 mounted on a Hagstrom HJ500, I encountered great difficulties adjusting the sensor to drive without a noise or have a correct answer. Many sounds were useless and it would take forever to set all the parameters (I spent hours and hours!) To get something to drink.

So I decided to drive it with a Godin synth XTSA. The problem was a little less ubiquitous, but many sounds do not seem playable: one rule or less sensitive and it does not meet one or all of sudden, you go from "nothing at all" with a jungle of ghost notes. In addition, the number of parameters affecting the quality of reproduction makes it extremely complex and time-setting to the point of certain sounds. As I prefer to play music rather than adjust the hours and hours of equipment, I decided not to use certain sounds.

With a Stratocaster GC-1 is better. But not this.

Anyway, we must re-learn to play the guitar with this device and adopt a new "touch". And then you have to learn to play in the spirit of the instrument that wants to emulate.


My opinion is very subjective. This device has made me realize that nothing beats a good guitar, a good amp (with possible effects: overdrive, chorus, etc.) ... I ended up telling me that guitar is made to play the guitar, that is more effective tea strainer to prepare infusions for its shave in the morning.

Still very subjective: the modeled guitar sounds do not pack me. It sounds artificial, some are very soft (despite hours and hours of attempted improvement settings), there is no in-game, the flexibility that gives a guitar on which the volume buttons, tone The pickup selector can vary the sounds of the instrument. In other words, "shape" sound and then during the game, except for some additions using the pedal, you have to stuff the same sound ... or change the preset ...

Many other factory sounds seem uninteresting, very gadget. Many sounds sensible imitate another instrument (even trying to fine tune) do not sound great, and seem quite synthetic. I prefer a good deal of real guitar that sounds good a kind of ersatz piano, for example, which shows immediately that it is not a piano.

I actually think I do not have "the mind to use such a device." I persisted in use for eight months intensively to try to convince me of its usefulness and pleasure he could give me. And I concluded: "blah". I keep it in case, to save a bad piano part on a bad piece if I need the bad, but if I had known, I would never have bought this device that I consider a gimmick.

But given the number of glowing reports received by this material, I think that maybe I'm wrong!