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An Amp in your iPhone

Peavey AmpKit Link Mini-Review

Apple boasts that there is an iPhone app for everything and we at AudioFanzine are starting to believe that they might be right. In the past two years we have discovered a bunch of more or less successful music apps. It is now time for virtual guitar amps to take over the famous mobile phone with hardware and software solutions. We tested one of them recently: the Peavey AmpKit Link.

Mini-Review: A Snap Shot

Peavey AmpKit LinkPeavey AmpKit Link

Peavey AmpKit LinkPeavey AmpKit Link




Peavey AmpKit LinkPeavey AmpKit LinkPeavey AmpKit Link



And now let's hear how it sounds!



telecaster chorus
  • telecaster chorus00:33
  • telecaster chorus 200:26
  • telecaster crunch00:19
  • les paul clean00:20
  • les paul vintage crunch00:10
  • les paul rock00:11
  • les paul fuzz00:12
  • les paul sat00:19
  • les paul metal00:15



Turn your iPhone into a virtual amp for $30. We must admit that the offer is appealing and we welcome Peavey's effort to provide us with a comprehensive and practical software. The sound quality is fair considering the price. The marketing strategy of offering a free amp and then have us pay for additional amps is not so bad, considering that guitar players usually have their favorite amps and do not play with 15 different models. Thus, this small box is highly recommended for all electric guitar players with an iPhone.


  • Product price
  • One amp for free
  • Nice-looking, easy to use and effective application
  • Effective tuner
  • Recording possibility
  • Possibility to play along with songs
  • Imperceptible latency
  • You can even do reamping!


  • Price of some amps or effects
  • We only miss a multitrack recorder!