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User Review

Practical mobile solution - Reviews Peavey AmpKit

What can I say? We put a battery, you plug, it works. It could not be simpler.

I use it with the application of Agile Partners Ampkit recognized immediately.

Rating: 8 - I enjoyed setting the volume of input and output on Ampkit Link

The Ampkit Link has a big flaw, despite its stack: there is indeed feedback. As a noise gate is mandatory and a kind of unpleasant metallic sound persists.

This is unfortunate because the simulations of Ampkit are quite correct for the price.

Rating: 6 - once accustomed to the feedback it goes better, but still ... shame

Small disclaimer: This opinion concerns only the Ampkit Link, not the application Ampkit!

In the end, without the worry of feedback, the Amplink Kit is a mini guitar interface just right. So, can not be used for anything a little bit of exploitable (I think, for example, GarageBand iPad).

Nevertheless, given its size and price, it's a very interesting tool for the guitarist on the go.

Final score: 7.