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User reviews on Audio Splitter/Merger products

algau's review (Contest - SPLIT-4)

By algau, 28/02/2009
This is the strip of DMX. This box can SAVE the cable and connect more devices.

-4 Amplified outputs.
-1 Direct output.
A button-termination, the case is the last link but amplified outputs are still functioning.
-2 Lights, red and green in between and outputs indicating the presence of DMX.
Mtallique-box robust.
It very clear connection Schematic on the case.
-The size and light weight.

-May be a lack of protection for connectors.

Benefits on where I put a number of machines, this box saves me time m'vitant wiring in the tedious formatting series of all my appliances, makes me put less cables and allows me to group my cars: face, cons, power blocks ... In addition, LEDs can be inspected if the DMX signal travels well. Example: if no DMX enters it, nothing lights.

For now I do not need another device, but if necessary I think I could one without hesitating.

Splits and combines mic signals (Art - SplitComPro)

By JeffTadashi, 10/06/2012
The Art SplitComPro is a small box, designed to both split and combine microphone signals passively. It has two inputs, two outputs, and two control switches. It has rubber feet that come up on the sides of the box, making it very sturdy and stable when placed on the floor or on a table. The rubber feet also isolate the metal box from the ground or any metal beneath the box, which is convenient.

The two inputs on the Art SplitComPro are: Main mic input, and Isolated mic input (combined). The isolated input is used to combine a secondary mic signal with the main signal. There are also two switches on the box: a ground/lift switch, and a phase inverting switch. The phase switch inverts the isolated inputs and outputs, relative to the main input and output. The ground/lift switch has the ability to float the isolated input and output's ground; it has no affect in the main input and output.

And finally, the two outputs on the device are: Main mic output, and Isolated mic output (splitter). Here is where you can split the combined signals (or just main mic signal) into two paths. This is what I find the most useful feature of this box, and that is the main reason I purchased it. For live shows, I wanted to tap into my main microphone line without affecting the signal feed to the house, so I could use that extra microphone signal for a headphone amp. And this box works great at doing that. It is solid, professional, and it will passively and discreetly function without affecting the main mic input and output.

The Art SplitComPro can also handle phantom power correctly, but only through the main mic input and output. Overall, this is a simple, functional box that has it's uses, albeit a bit specific. Great multi-purpose tool that although I do not currently use, I keep around because it is always useful.

News Audio Splitter/Merger

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Published on 03/01/11
Drawmer have announced the introduction of the new 4x4R 1U Active Splitter.

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