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The first post in this forum. Yeah ! - forum Audiofanzine Feature

Long life to
I'll get the second one !
Is it me or most of this website just sucks?
Yes, kindda.

It's just a place full of failed musician.
We are fma
As we change AF a lil, why don't we change the grades ?
Yes, "newbie of the prairies" and the others sounds like french words used as-is in english : ridiculous.
Well, even in french they are a bit ridiculous.

By the way, who is Aziz ?
Regarding the grades, why not try to make people believe that we actually know a few things about music? What about "New-B minor" and "New-B major" as the two lowest grades?

Quote: Well, even in french they are a bit ridiculous.

:8O: a "bit"!??? A full byte, yeah! :geek:

(Apart of course from "AF, I am your father"! :P: )

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