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good console (Azure 2000 Shadow)

By fred cousin, 07/12/2013
it's only qq days it is used, but alot of positive reviews we decided to make the choice of the console, after having worked on a VX 1 (kind Scanco without the knobs, very good console) and Showdesigner 512 SHOWTEC.
Console which is very ergonomic and perfectly comfortable, in addition to real buttons compared to the azure 2000 display on a screen, the app is very basic, but relatively clear, download libraries on the net. Least, use a floppy, so necessity to have an older computer, or so lecteru usb drive on his computer.
Sub master live control are good, 2 crucibles in pan and tilt wheel are more (one on the end, and the other closer to the center.
good value for money, and without hesitation, the choice is quickly made!! :)

It runs very well! when it turns ... (Titan Mobile)

By djhkl, 16/11/2014
I use the TM (Titan Mobile) for about 6 months after using the Titan One (usb dongle for Titan 512 channels) to my hand on the soft.

Before that, I have not tried a lot of models, but I liked the compact size, while keeping a high number of possibilities, and easy control.

Purchased new in balance DéStock, 2400 € in June 2014, we had a lot of problems the first time to use a small Titan Vaio laptop. The app turned pretty good, but a problem launching asked to re-license the software each time you restart the PC. For a short time, we invested in a PC windows 7 touch dedicated solely to lighting with our Titan Mobile (this is not also a beast of competition ...) and NO MORE PROBLEMS!

Titan software is very well thought out! Once the pallet of colors, positions, gobos and beam shapes are created, everything goes very fast and it is a pleasure to create scenes.
We do not have a large stock of equipment to manage but still use two DMX lines, and this is a perfect console for managing small events & resources.
We are currently working on a musical. We comply with 500 rooms, and control lighting or Auto Trad not pose any problem.

That said, it still fails beaches fader to control lighting Trad live, regardless of the show.

On Shapes & Effects included in the software, I was a little amazed that we can do with the pixel map, but at the same time, it fails effects on shapes color / dimmer (unless I have not found yet ...).

Last thing for the creation of fixtures does not exist in the database (which would still be relatively up to date and well stocked) IS A CALVARY !!! The Avolites personality builder is very difficult to handle. And when you think you understand everything there is still problems, which often end up resolving themselves. In short, some work to do on that yet!

On the price / quality ratio, I find it quite good! Without breaking the bank and having to buy the TigerTouch was a small and relatively powerful system by its possibilities.

With experience, of course, I would rather choose a console that is still essential and pose fewer problems with respect to the PC, however for small business grants and, if the budget allows the purchase of a touchscreen PC + TM rather than a DMX console multifunctionality low end, do not hesitate! :-)

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