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User Review

moosers's review - Fender FB-54

The Fender FB54 Banjo is a pretty standard five string banjo as far as make up goes and is a good one at that.  It isn't an electric banjo of any sort so it doesn't have any pick ups or connections and I'm not sure where this instrument is made but I don't believe it is made in the USA.


The feel of the Fender FB54 Banjo is pretty good for such a reasonably priced banjo.  The action is pretty good all along the neck and I've never had any trouble playing what I wanted to because of the action.  It is easy to play the high notes and like most banjos it is somewhat heavy with the standard shape and look of a traditional banjo.  Getting a good sound isn't too hard if you know how to play as the tone of the FB54 is pretty good.


The sound of the Fender FB54 Banjo isn't something that will blow you away but it definitely will get the job done in most scenarios.  Unless you using banjo on everything and banjo is your main instrument, this will probably work fine for you.  Guitar is my main instrument and I use the FB54 as a side instrument when I want to record some banjo and it works great for this.  It has a really nice sound and while it won't compare to top end banjos of course, as far as banjos on the lower end of the spectrum this is pretty great.


I've been using the Fender FB54 Banjo for about a year and I've really grown to like.  While I'm not all that proficient of a banjo player, this gets the job done perfectly for me when I want to add a banjo to a recording.  The price is the best part about this instrument as it won't cost much at all making it perfect for those who want a decent banjo but don't want to spend too much money but also don't want to get something that isn't playable.  If you are looking to get a nice banjo on the cheap, the Fender FB54 Banjo is a great place to start looking for one.