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User Review

Stunning! - Reviews Tech 21 VT Bass Deluxe

Tech21 pedal VTBass the pedal format with 6 presets divided into two banks.
Editable by turning the knobs with a system not to flinguer ears.
The manual says the camera simulates the Ampeg amps with only analog components.
Connection really luxury 2 inputs for connecting two basses, an output jack, a balanced XLR DI output (both running at the same time).


Ultra-easy to use: the switches and knobs.
Manual clear and sufficient so that it is an archetype.


This is an amp simulator, not a distortion!
In very little time, I could adjust three presets: a clean cut in the medium, less clean-poor treble, and a third a little dirty but not too much. If you push the Drive and Character together, it starts to blow fast enough and it becomes garish, but as we made the choice to push one of these two knobs leaving the other at 9, we obtain its still a usable once adjusted with the volume knob and three tones that are very sensitive.
My favorite setting: Character at least Drive at 11am, 10am sharp, bass and mid noon. I get a powerful sound, which does not become uncomfortable when I attack the G string with a pick.


I use it for several months, which allows me to have a good sound even plugged into the amp shit studio where I repeated. I have not abandoned the fiddling of knobs of my bass from one track to another, but with this I could pedal.
I have some effects pedals (one Ibanez Overdrive), a pedal (for guitar, so I do not use the speaker simulator), but this is the first real amp simulator I have.
What I like least: the fragility of the contacts. I stepped on a jack and since sometimes I have a bad contact. You will say "what took me," but this is precisely the kind of thing that does not express! So delicate attention, that's why I put only 8.
What I like: everything else!
Value jubilant.
And the day when it will make the soul I'll buy another. Although ... by then, if there are other devices simulating amps qu'Ampeg as well ...