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User Review

very pretty! - Reviews Zoom B3

Found on virtually every major animal families effects, with 4 or 5 different versions of the preamp, the amp simus, from Eq, of Rgb, of delays, synths, wah, deffreter among others ...
Each effect is individually editable as if you're working three pedals. Each pedal has 3 knobs and 3 switches to navigate between the pages or the effects thereof.
You can access the settings via a freeware on the computer, visual and practical enough where you can rename and move the patches, for example.
The B3n'est not rackable.
It is fully digital and has the usual audio connections, and XLR jack for DI output and a USB to communicate with the computer and also become an audio interface.


The config could not be simpler, it's like having 3 pedals connected to which you assign what you want.
The manual is well designed, and details the effects, their parameters, and some tips.
Editing sounds is pleasant, and can be refined in almost real time.


I like the EQ, compressor and phaser, I need a little time to handle the rest and have an opinion, I used it on stage and in a bar or two, nothing to say it works! Fun aves synths and phasers, I like least octaver
The quality is light years previous brand products.
I use it with a jazz bass luthier and a Fender 71.


I've had less than a month, and I still have much time to spend on it, there are so many possibilities. I have not tried other models from old models or GT6B quite old, not really excited ...
I like the way access and individual pedal sounds, I do not like the failure to be able to chain effects that three or navigation of a patch to another while playing, but hey, you need to plan and it goes very well.
The value for money seems excellent, given the number of effects and their quality is not bad, especially since it was the coup as a looper of 40s, a drum machine anecdotal, but for practical work, a lot tuner, and a sound card! I have not tried the soundcard yet (I have an RME), but for someone who wants Laying out ideas quickly it should do ...
I have not been around, I really like for now we'll see in use. If it all over again I would reiterate
But I think a model with more pedals should appear since the G5 was released recently ...