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Ashdown Bass Amplifiers

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Ashdown Pibass -240 and Mi 12 Speaker Review

π = 240 Watts Ashdown Engineering's PiBass head is the signature model of Polish bass legend Wojtek Pilichowski. I tested it along with the Mi12, a cabinet featuring a 12" speaker. The two products combine to make a 240-watt stack that costs under $900, and has a total weight of under 42 lbs, so it's not hard to see why Audiofanzine pushed me to do this review. read more…

User reviews on Bass Amplifiers Ashdown products

Ashdown Electric Blue 1x12 (EB 12-180 Combo)

By MGR/Anonymous, 29/04/2007
I've been playing Bass for almost 3 years and decided I needed a bass amp as i recently joined a band (also, my 10 watt practice amp would seem pointless to use in clubs). I decided on the Ashdown Electric Blue as I was on a tight budget at the time and needed the amplifier for practice and gigs.

I bought the amp in England for £199 (around $249 i think).

The amplifier made a great table. And occasionaly, an Amp.

Quietly, the amp had a pretty muffled tone and seemed crackely when put loudly. After a month, it started makign a very loud noise even on low settings, so I sent the amp to the shop i bought it from to get it looked at aand they told me the speaker cone had a crack in it, after this i decided to have it repaired. After my first gig with my band, Wham! it stopped working. Got it repaired again. Played another gig with my band, Wham! Once again, it stopped working.

The construction of the amp seemed flawless, until i put my bass through it. To by an amp and have the cone crack a month later seems a mystery, even when i didn't play it that loud.

I eventually swapped this for an Ashdown Mag 300 and £130 ($149), which is a beautiful bass amp. I'd recommend this amp to anyone who likes a good looking table or very expensive fire wood. Otherwise, I'd strongly advise you saty away from this amp.

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Ashdown MAG300 410T (MAG C410T-300 Combo)

By MGR/big0bassdude, 20/04/2010
I have played bass for 20 years and a good 15 of that has been searching for the perfect amp. About 2 years ago i found it, Ashdowns Mag 300c 410t. Rated at 307 watts ( with optional ext. cab) this thing rocks! I found it easy to drop my ss Ampeg as soon as i gigged with it. For around 700 bucks it is the complete package. It handles my 5 string easily no matter what type of music.

I bought this amp as a backup to an Ampeg B3, when i needed more volume on stage. Even without an extension cab it blew the b3 away! Rated at almost 50 watts less i still had to run the output at @ 10% all nite, now its all I use, the Mag 300 will give you 307 watts with an extension cabinet, but i have never needed it. Tone drips from the beautiful 10 inch blue line drivers (4) and is easily sculpted with the 5 band eq and onboard sub harmonic generator, even though the latter is more pronounced either with an ext. or in the mains via the xlr direct out. Deep, bright, and eq switches do exactly what they say. The only surprise with this amp is the capability of it.

This amp is built like a tank. Would have prefered a tougher covering but thats just personal opinion. Not to mention it looks damn sexy with the glowing input vu meter and blue speakers.

This thing is heavy. I guess thats the price of the solidity of the cab. Carpet covering is as easily torn as any other amp. In my opinion could benefit from sone tolex or somethin.

Built in China apparently by the same guys who built the wall. Built well i havent had any problems at all.

For the money, hell for twice the money, this rig is hard to beat. It does what ever you want it to.

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[NAMM] Ashdown AAA Vintage 12-75 bass combo

Published on 01/25/14
Ashdown expands its Access All Areas (AAA) range with several new models.