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Fender Bass Amplifiers

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Fender Bassman Pro 100T Amplifier Head Review

Heavy Weight Tubes are the El Dorado for all people who think that bass amps were better before. Nostalgics can take their bell-bottoms out of the closet and grow their hair long because all-tube technology is back! read more…

Fender Bronco Bass Combo Review

Rodeo Do you feel like a cowboy? Do you like the smell of ponies and old leather? Do you like riding on a weird mount and sweltering under an old stinking hat? read more…

Fender Rumble 150 Review

Power on Casters I got a bit nostalgic when I wrote this review. I was 16 when my first amp was waiting for me under the Christmas tree. Not a 15-watt amp but a big one. To play in a band, do live gigs and be cheered by a wild crowd. In short, I could stop playing by myself in my room. The amp was almost more bulky than the Christmas tree: it was a second-hand Fender BXR 300, a huge combo with casters. I played my first live gig with it — this 15" amp brings back lots of memories. read more…

User reviews on Bass Amplifiers Fender products

All-terrain amp (BXR 300)

By GregBado, 08/12/2014
It's the amp of my bassist (who doesn't have an Audiofanzine account).

The amp is used both for rehearsals and gigs, it's relentless and has a killer sound.

It's been with us since 1995, it has never left us stranded, very round and warm sound (he uses it with a 1976 Fender Precision bass or a down-market acoustic one).

The amp's only downside is that it doesn't have a line output, but considering what it provides, it can be forgiven...

Fender Rumble ,good for Upright Bass. (Rumble 500 V3)

By tradcab, 09/05/2017
I heard a mate using this and was amazed at how good it sounded. Tried it in my double bass set up and bought it straight away. Light to move around, deep bass , especially with the 'vintage' switch pushed in , and as loud as you like.
I have been using it for smaller gigs for the past year, but even on larger stages it fills the space with warm sounding energy. Seems to be reliable so far about 100 gigs in, but I have made a light box to house it and keep it safe in the back of the van.

News Bass Amplifiers Fender

[NAMM] Fender Bassman Pro Series

Published on 01/14/12
Fender introduces the new Bassman Pro series of heads and cabs.

Fender Bronco 40 Bass Amp

Published on 08/03/11

[NAMM] New Fender Bass Amps

Published on 01/09/11

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Fender Super Bassman Head

$1,120 Reverb classified ad

Fender Rumble 25

$156.71 Reverb classified ad