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User Review

Beautiful Chorus Bass - Reviews Boss CE-2B Bass Chorus

Boss pedal effect ... one available because the chorus :)
100% analog, which is the most basic Boss format.

3 controls: rate and depth as on all modulation, and Effect Level for the determination of that chorus against clear sound.


Simpler you die. I got it used without a manual and I do not know what could possibly manual this pedal and what it could provide essential info like.


The sound ... ah the sound! Once you know where you put your feet: Boss chorus 80s, analog, warm, powerful, this ...

The "rumor" says that this is the same circuit as the light blue CE2 become legendary in the hands of Andy Summers (The Police), with only the effect level in more ...
Well, it is clearly in those waters in sound-term anyway.


The best chorus for bass? He will most versatile, there are more extreme, this one is very typical that is true.
But it is just beautiful, cheap, indestructible ... what else?