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User Review

Domi-D's review - T-Rex Engineering The Sweeper

Analog chorus dedicated to the bass pedal format. A jack input, 2 outputs (left & right) to a stereo effect, but also mono. Conventional power socket for 9V. Onset of effect by a flexible switch, all delivered in a metal box of very good quality. Access to the battery is via a system of classical trap, no screwdriver required a very good point.


Very simple configuration. A knob "depth" which manages the depth of the effect, a knob "rate" which adjusts the speed (of the light chorus tremolo) and a knob "volume" that manages ... volume.
To add to this, on the right clutched a cursor that manages the input level.
The settings are conspicuous by their simplicity, we quickly found the sound you want.
No manual comes in English is not used much, some explanation of the function of each knob, nothing more.


Definitely the highlight of this, the sound quality delivered. Some of the frequency played, the sound retains its flexibility, which is not the case on all models. Even in severe extremes, the chorus is "singing". The effect is perfectly rendered, a real treat.


I now use for a fortnight and I am fully satisfied. I used the chorus on a zoom all-in-one, but this is anecdotal, so the difference is huge.
Strengths: The quality of the effect, the robust design (Made in Denmark), the flexibility of very significant switch.
(S) weak point: If I find one, would perhaps size. But T-Rex has long accustomed us to this type of format.
The price is quite big but certainly justified. We are dealing with high-end and it shows.
Yes I remake this purchase eyes closed.