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just terrible .. love it! - Reviews T-Rex Engineering The Sweeper

analog chorus, specially designed for low
Made in Denmark I think
pedal metal color purple (I like it) that seems indestructible, knobs style "chicken feet", very simple controls: depth (depth), rate (rate), output volume and volume control on the side line with LEDs to avoid "peaks" (the button is retractable, very handy)
Outputs: L & R input (stereo possible .. thus not tested), output, jack 9v power supply not included: (
switch in metal less messy than those of EH, with Led Signal violet (it's bo)
the whole is very good and breathes the seriousness (or vice versa)


General config could not be more simple
Manual: anecdotally, anyway it will be tape
is connected: it sounds (and what a sound!)


it's a chorus of specialized "low" among the best I have ever heard and own .. I've tested a few, including the double chorus Boss GT6B I own (and which I found not bad at all) but this place and stop all: I found the sound of chorus for bass.

Very transparent effect, restores all frequencies without fluff (tested on a warwick 5 string and the low B does not lose a bit of definition!), And no breath or parasites you can look (I am still looking), a very good additional buries a lot of competitors ...
The knobs are very sensitive, it can range from mild to limit chorus tremolo / detune Rate by pushing the bottom ...
The output setting with separate LED control is a very good idea, with it avoids the inconvenience of having an output signal is too strong, and the risk of distortions related peak and if the balance is wrong. Very good point ditto.

Otherwise what about the sound of this chorus in itself? ben ... when you snap on a solo or an intro for example, I see only one possible reaction from the audience: get the jaw open and esgourdes with staring eyes wide .. well it is a wonderful sounds coming out of the box, the signal is magnified simply, heaven on earth dude! And say I did not even tested in stereo ...


the first few minutes of use I sensed that his reputation was well deserved ... "reputation," especially on the U.S. forums, for a little while browsing the web or French quedalle on this gem almost no notice. . so I try to repair this injustice.

Purchased from a seller of stuff online (whose name begins with T) to 127 euro is a really good deal (you can find $ 99 on U.S. sites) if you are looking for a chorus accurate, simple efficient, high quality, which really sends a very good sound ... this thing is just what is needed to your shovel to ring of hell!

Only downside no PSU supplied, a star less for it considering the price .. and saw a 9v battery does not last long with masses of this stuff buy a transformer will be needed

In conclusion, the price is fully justified for me and I would do without hesitation that choice (by the way if anyone is interested I'll sell the coup my GT6B, I outlived!:))