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User Review

sambass's review - Markbass Compressore

Tube compressor pedal COMPRESSOR
- Clean Controls
- Threshold, Ratio, Attack, Release
- 1xlampe ECC82
- Input jack
- Jack + XLR outputs with ground lift switch
- Metal housing
- True Bypass
- 12V

Enough said


The configuration is more complex than usual because the compressor pedal settings are those of a real compressor rack. A minimum knowledge of the parameters of a compressor and their action is to have. The benefit is obviously to get a compression really nikel.

The manual is very succinct so do not count on it.


I use a Warwick Corvette Bubinga in a head amp Markbass LMK Markbass 2x10 and a Cabinet.

Really nothing to fault her level, I love the color of the lamp is very quiet, the sound of the instrument perfectly respected (it's what Markbass)


I bought it the day it came out and I could not do without.

To me this is the best compressor pedal format market.