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User Review

THE COMPRESSOR - Reviews Markbass Compressore

Effect of compression tube with low input and output jack ... there is a model with an XLR output, but mine does not have to. It is yellow, it's normal MarkBass I like it!


Simple connection between the bass and the amp, the manual is very explicit is better to listen ... then the settings take a bit of practice, professional quality a little theory about what and how a compressor is essential! There is no knob to fine! (Gain entry, threshold, ratio, attack time, return time and output volume) all play their roles perfectly!


Efficiency is in there! sound off heat, the lamp has much to do! and compression that is felt in every setting!
I use a Fender Jaguar Olympic White bass and a Hartke HA 2500 amp ... but I intend to buy a Mark Bass before long!


I use it for 3 months and repeated small stage when the amps are not wired to a table!
What I like most is the strength! it's not plastic! level unbeatable price / performance, so the choice I would do twice rather than once!
We could only blame him for being a real compressor and is necessarily a bit complicated when one does not know anything ... I have one month to master it, but at least now I know what it means to compression!