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MXR M87 Bass Compressor

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G_o's review

By G_o, 10/05/2014
Characteristics are on the net or on the records, the various knobs are really useful, it is appreciable.


The grip is not obvious but frankly we must stick to it for some time and quickly found the sound you are looking for. Attention effect, if one can call it that, is very transparent, it will not color your sound!


This pedal compression is very effective, there is way to boost the sound with the input and output knobs, personally ratio does not exceed 8 after I feel that it eats sound.
Regarding the stuff played on, I use a Rickenbacker 4003 and a 92 Ampeg SVT CL, it sends hard! When you turn off the pedal,


I use it for 2 weeks, I hesitated with Carl Martin but I do not regret my choice.
What I like most is that it is possible to have different type of compression with attak knobs, release, ratio comp and also with input output. The value for money was not bad for me because bought in canada ... But I think you will not lose it to change is one of the best on the market with the Carl Martin is the best! And after much testing and research THE pedal comp a hold, I do it again this choice without hesitation.

Transparent and effective

By manu_kinou, 08/05/2014
For specifications, see the website of MXR. It remains a compressor, so nothing spectacular ...


The use is clear, little we understand how a compressor works.
This site has been indispensable to me:
However, it is very difficult to calibrate a suitable compression by only setting. That is why I am based on a setting of a guy seen on the internet and at rehearsal with everyone, I changed the settings while playing. This improves sound clarity, thickness, etc ... The problem then comes when we put the Jazz Bass to take the Stingray: All settings are input again! LEDs help a lot for it. So there must be a setting input gain to homogenize the various models of bass, what I do for a LS-2. It would have been great to have directly several settings / presets on direct compressor, but here we leave all analog ... whatever, the VT Bass Deluxe Tech21 well permits.


From the moment I found my control, I did most affected:
Release to 16h, 11h to Attack, Output at 9am ratio of 8:1. As to the input I according to the rule with the lowest LS-2 upstream. I play with all the standard arsenal bassist who ignores any technical innovation after 1979: Jazz, Precision and Stingray. I play fretted and fretless.
Transparency is such that I leave on permanently. That makes me a well-defined signal to attack the VT Bass and MS-60B in the effects loop.
When I integrate such distortion or phaser effect on MS-60B, I lose everything intake of the compressor, but that is independent of the chosen model. I think integrate trailing MS-60B an additional compressor.
Ideally, it now seems to me that the compressor at the very end of chain may be appropriate, but I would lose the advantage of the DI output of the VT Bass.
I plan to buy an envelope filter and octave. The first will be placed upstream of the compressor, the second downstream.


I continually use since August 2013. I previously used the integrated ME-8B Boss compressor. This is the day and night of course, is not the same price!
I would do this choice, I do not know if the price / quality ratio is good or not, but the sound is subtly enhanced and gains in density and homogeneity. This is what was expected so I'm happy.

The effectiveness discreetly

By bouns83, 25/08/2013
Format pedal, compact, a knob for the entry level, one for the output level, one for the attack time (the time the compressor takes to process the signal) and one for the release (time it takes to return to an uncompressed). A ratio knob to adjust the compression ratio. A true bypass. Oh yeah, a system handy LED to observe in real time the effect of compression, and the action of different settings.


The LED system is useful when starting in the field of compression, but it is better to look at a few basic principles to know in which direction to work (the English-instruction-in is simple, succinct, but one sided little if one starts). The action is effective pots.


Do not expect a radical change in his sound, it's not an effects pedal by the shade you work, the more we have to do a transparent tool, which distorts no sound, it does not mean it is not effective. Ratio between 4 and 8 to 12 attack and release it smooths subtly sound leveling, and overall we get a cleaner sound. Everything is possible: soften or sharpen the attack of notes, compress more or less a series of notes, you can also use it as a limiter: higher + time + fast attack and release ratios. I also use it to boost my sound a little (determination of imput and output)


I used for a little less than a year, at first I was a little skeptical because of its transparency, and I do that served to boost my sound, and I looked there is little on principles of compression and I perceive the effectiveness of the compressor, the nuances it brings me are much more noticeable. This is in my opinion a very good tool to pedal format. I hesitated with markbass, but the format of this one was deterrent (as well as its power supply 12 volts), and I think for the novice mxr is more affordable. Whoever seeks a silent compressor, transparent and efficient, respectful of what you call it, there's something for those who seek a compressor that plays the sound should look elsewhere. At first I recommend it!

Effective and transparent

By jonathanblast, 11/03/2013
Fully analog MXR size, compact.


For a novice compression (like me to purchase) it may seem complicated to parameterize, it must be documented on the principles of compression and for different pots, under penalty of not finding the settings that suit us, it takes a little time, it is not plug and play but it's worth every penny.
The LED indicator helps a lot setting input gain


I do not use it as an effect but as a treatment for my sound.
This comp is very transparent, and does not blow at all.
The compression is very effective and very discreet, no "pumping".
I use to homogenize my sound, to bring a little more punch (it does not qualify me prevents my fingers) and to play with maximum dynamics without a huge increase in volume.
Another good point, it is true bypass.


It is scratched on my pedalboard since its purchase and enclanché permanently.
Certe it is not the easiest to parameterize the time but soon pays more and gives us a little more about when to sound processing.
I have not tried other than the comp before but it has the characteristics of a unit raquable pedal format so cool.
Ok it is a bit expensive, but again MXR pedal offers a reliable, sturdy and a great musicality.
I think I would do this choice without hesitation
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