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By yoTrakkz, 01/12/2011
This is a really cool synthesizer effect pedal. It only works well with bass I think for the most part, this is kind of like an old-school analog synth pad, at least in terms of sound. There is a quarter inch input, and two outputs (use one for mono, and use the other as a dry out). This would appear to be an analog pedal but because it is Boss I'm tempted to say that it is digital. Either way it sounds analog, so just pretend it is. This cannot be edited in any way, be it computer or MIDI, and can't be racked either.


This isn't a difficult pedal to use. Don't expect to change to different synth sounds on the fly. There are four knobs. One is a resonant filter, one is a decay control, and one (Mode) controls the type of effect. There's also a knob on the left that controls the amount of affected signal mix with the dry signal. The manual will explain what everything does, but the best way to get used to using this pedal is simply to plug it in and start experimenting, looking for the sounds you want.


I use this with my P-Bass more often than not. The pre-amp of this pedal drastically alters the tone, emulating that of an analog synth. It is monophonic, but that's to be expected with the bass. I don't even know the names of most of the tones I like, if they even have names, but I'm a fan of them all for the most part. There is just enough control over the sound to make it diverse, but not enough to become overwhelming. I think that most people who need diversity in their bass tones from song to song would do well to check out this thing, it's got a ton of useful functions. I think that if you play in a hip-hop band (they exist!) you should grab this, it'll make things super funky!


I can't say there's anything I don't like about this pedal, other than the fact that I don't use it all that much (I usually don't need a synth bass). This is great for emulating Bootsy on his wilder P-Funk cuts, and stuff like that. Really cool effect, I highly recommend it. Not too expensive either, don't pay more than 170 for it.

EBS Bass MultiComp True Dual Band MultiCompressor (MultiComp)

By MGR/Laklander, 01/12/2009
Standard stompbox size floor pedal compressor for bass. Black case with blue and white screening. Compression/Limier sensitivity knob, Gain knob. Three-position toggle for tube/solid state/multiband compression. Active/Passive pushbutton; In and Out 14' jacks. 9V AC adapter not included.
I've played bass professionally for 44 years. I currently play in a praise band in a local church and also do studio work. I favor rock but have played just about every style, even -- shame -- disco. Favorite players include Paul McCartney, James Jamerson, Tony Levin, Chris Squire, Joe Osborn, Bob Glaub and Sting.<p>

Purchased in April 2009 from Musiciansfriend. I'm a fan of Tony Levin, who uses compression as an integral part of his sound. I also wanted to add compression to even out peaks in my signal and to add some 'sparkle' and sustain in live situations. MSRP: $249; Paid $199.

The EBS MultiComp does make a big difference in my live sound, especially on a bass strung with roundwounds. It adds presence and a massive amount of sustain and allows a small bass amp to compete with three cranked guitars. Tweaking the compression amount and gain controls allows me to get more presence and gain from my amp without pushing the volume up. Once I started using it, I couldn't play without it. Three compression bands allow tonal variation, but I found the difference between solid state and multiband compression to be basically indistinguishable. However, the tube compression does add some warmth. There is no discernible signal degradation or loss of tone.

The unit eats a 9V battery in about six hours of constant use, and there is no battery compartment, so pack a screwdriver to take off the bottom plate. Although there is a pilot LED that glows less brightly when battery life is draining, I found that there's very little warning -- it's there one second and gone the next. There is a 9V CA adapter available for around $20, and I recommend getting one.

Built very well -- heavy gauge steel and a heavy toggle IN/OUT footswitch. Rubber pad on the back to stop slippage. Seems more sturdily built than Boss effects.

The EBS Bass MulitCompressor is a good value, although $200 for a single-trick stompbox might seem high. It adds presence, definition, clarity and sustain to active or passive basses.

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