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User Review

To troubleshoot - Reviews Behringer Bass Graphic Equalizer BEQ700

Value For Money : Excellent
It is an analog tape EQ7,.
On paper it looks cool.


I do not remember having manual, but remove or put a battery galley especially we are afraid to fart plastic thing that takes the lid each change, but I recommend the use with battery (as in other pedal elsewhere).


Frequencies are wrong in my opinion (they are the same as the boss) already missing infra (not setting around 30hz), but above all it lacks the high midrange we go from 800 to 4500 Hz direct, damage for me who loves a little boost to 1.6 khz.
No cares for attenuating frequency, against to amplify it saturates quickly (even with some passive basses) and a very unpleasant. Impossible either to use boost otherwise horrible distortion. It also color the sound a bit low even with everything 0 (middle), it's not ugly, but for me eq must be neutral.
Against by virtually no wind.


I never use my amp because if it has everything you need with eq bcp more neutral and comprehensive.
I do that to me is when I play with headphones (bass, eq, di, mixing desk, headphones).
Despite the value for money is good, mine works tjrs as a first good she not come to me either.
The quality ratio is good because it is cheap and the sound is exploitable.
I do not think I do it again this choice, but to troubleshoot it remains correct.