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User Review

Beautiful like a tank - Reviews Ruppert Musical Instruments Basswitch Sonic Spark

I received this pedal at the beginning but I was waiting to have a little experience with it, because it takes to express an opinion. Here we are.
Let's start with aesthetics: the object is successful, rather long than wide, which requires thinking a bit before getting on a pedal board. But nothing insoluble. To borrow a cliché often used, the RMI Sonic Spark is built like a tank that would have a dress with a discreet and pleasant blue. The buttons are very well protected, flush with the surface and I do not see what they could destroy. A white LED turns blue when it is on, so no mistake. This material immediately inspires confidence if we aspire to as reliability inside and outside.
I bought the RMI Sonic Spark some interventions to boost my bass on tracks where it is expressed more openly. The idea (specifications would be a big word) was to get a little power at certain frequencies of sound, in the high or low mids in particular. I must say that the RMI does the job: some gain, some scans on the "deep / bright" and "intensity" and the sound becomes richer, much richer, with a rather astounding presence settings. I did what I wanted: extra grain (so it was possible!) Down and sparkling top. Nickel.
However, it will be patient to get his dream: interaction settings is important and there is time to go to experience the possibilities of Sonic Spark. Too much? In group settings, I now what I want but this pedal gives me really want to go further when he must stop on something necessarily "provisional" to think a little play! As mentioned above, the buttons are highly protected and even a little difficult to handle. This would be the next "it's a shame." But at least there is no risk of losing the setup by a false manipulation. I am delighted with my purchase and I encourage bassists who have the time to dig a little for their sound to address this pedal.


No complaints about the manual except that it will only understand what the settings: all done by ear.

Handling is sometimes complicated as it is rich in possibilities: he must quickly stop turning buttons when we hung the desired sound.


The sound is rich (rather rich) deep: a real plus for bass.


Already a few weeks, it really takes time to make the turn.

I have not tried others before but I was looking for a booster that was more than increase the volume. This pedal has appeared at the right time: thank you to David for his test!

RMI costs a little expensive (even Teutonia) but I decided long ago not to buy too cheap. I assume the expense:-)