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User Review

There's no better - Reviews Aguilar Tone Hammer 500

Low transistor amp, 500 watts.
Super light, no gas plant for a penny.


Is lit, you plug a bass and it sounds live.
Whether it is for rock, blues or a little vintage soul, it is rather impressive.
Personally, I set the bass and treble, then I eliminate the "wrong frequency" with the mids.


Fits with all that extra found in Aguilar, a round, warm and well defined.
I was playing in an orchestral ensemble of 25 musicians in rehearsal with one or sl112 live via the console, the sound you want is there.
If you want to add a bit of "dirt", the drive and the other button is mid formidable Jazzbass equipped with good microphones, it rocks grave.


I used it for three months, after which I had to leave the ensemble for reasons of schedule but after some testing (rumble, ampeg, peavey) I have only one word is class!
Coupled with a sl112 the same brand, it is extra but it should work with both, just to enjoy 500 watts even better.