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User Review

Very good! - Reviews Ampeg Micro-VR Head

It's a bass amp transistor, 150 W. Front, came a jack, a mini jack output for headphones and a mini-jack for audio in. Useful if you want to work at night! Behind I do not know too much but is the Line Out XLR.


Very few knobs (Gain, Bass, Middle, Trebble, Volume) which really simplifies things. By pushing the gain slightly, we get immediately a warm sound. Two little buttons useful, one that reduced by 15 dB and the other, if it is active you indicate there is a risk that damage your speakers (and if you play with headphones to your ears the way!)


This little gem very light and handy can really meet a lot of bass player who begins to level. It can be considered a mid-range sound. I, who played in several different styles and my little Ampeg follows me everywhere and I am very satisfied. We can do well and go to hard punk and a little metal. Can be drawn from a warm to the funk and very cozy if there is need. I play with an ESP LTD B154 (a low metalleu, something I'm not playing I do very little) and it goes really well. I use it a Big Muff Pi and Bass Wah Dunlop 105Q Bass and both could really show me what she's capable thanks to the versatility of Ampeg. I take out the low of this gear may be very deep.


I use it for about 6 months and I am satisfied. I spent a lot of hours in the store before falling on it and I really accorché for the price! A quality / price ratio really good. This small and powerful convenience seduce me a lot. The sound is very versatile which is really cool. I probably reffer this choice because it is really a quality product!