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User Review

Excellent! - Reviews Ampeg Micro-VR Head

It's just an amp transistor 150 w into 8 ohms and 200 W into 4 ohms (or two 8 ohm speakers wired in parallel). The connectiquer: the minimum but sufficient: one input, two outputs HP an effects loop, an XLR DI out. And I think that's all!
Settings: 3-band Equa ==> bass / medium / high.
add a gain and volume and ... That's it!
I was looking for something simple, that captures exactly the sound of my bass. I have used! It's really simple: it connects, you touch a couple of knobs and forward equa Guingand!
The trick cool and useful: the DI! It will serve me so big concert! I plug into the sound system!

The great thing is the weight: a light weight! It is very small, very compact, but it sends really good!
"Detail" more annoying: I find the format "bastard" say it is too large to enter into a laptop bag or tote, and one for the impossible on a fly box type 1 U rack It's a bit negative ...
I love this retro / neo and this side very small and cute ... Too bad that bag is not offered as a bonus!
9 I put aside for this less convenient than other heads (Promethean, GK-200 mb, etc. ...).


The manual?! on 2 pages. I flew because it is so simple that the manual is secondary if you know an equation set!
the limit: interesting! It protects your speakers when sending too much power to them. For me it will remain engaged all the time!

Sound: From Ampeg pure juice! It connects and immediately found the grain of SVT. Magic! Of course it is the transistor, but it's good stuffing!
To build quality: the head is beautifully received over! No vinyl or ripped off, no screws that can be unscrewed ... very well finished, it exudes strength. I read in one of the first notice that the sound was not very powerful ... Not true! Connected with two cab sends it seriously! I think it is enough to practice, rehearse and concerts!

Just for info: what is important in an amp, it's not the power of the amp in itself! This is the sensitivity of the / of HP (in dB). Namely, for a difference of 3 dB, the impression of sound reproduction is twice as powerful! So remember to choose HP in good yield (around 100 dB it will nickel!). If you play it in a cab with 8 ohm given for 91 dB SPL (type GK 115 MBE memory) you'll have a little sound! I think that was the case for the person who said play 10 repeated volume!


For me the following oriented Pluto "old school" music (blues, rock, pop ...) is impeccable! It is not at all on the TC Electronic sound very modern. Here is the "growl" at all stages! I can have sounds very "dub" sound until mid / high to play the plectrum and send! In its register is spot on! Of course he excelled with a good P bass 70's: we had a good back instantly!

If you are looking for a "hi fi" (Markbass, TC Electronic ...) is just the opposite ... though! It is very versatile. The slap: really not bad! For the jazz / rock / blues / funk / punk: the TOP in sound!
The grain is really what Ampeg nine more!

It is very punchy, provides a good reserve of power for most scenes (certainly for the Parc des Princes it will be hot!). Let's face! Let's not take head w 1200 to play in bars!
To give you an idea: with the gain at half the volume and 1 / 10 I was already very strong in me ... Repeated in a cab in 8ohms is 5 / 10 to gain even a little more and 5 / 10 in volume! If you are 10/10 by repeating I think everyone is deaf!
The only concern I have with: beyond 5 / 10 treble cause a "buzz" when I play at home (I have no land, my bass is not shielded). But since the sound is very clear, I leave the treble at 10 or 11 am and I increase the bass and mids: this sound too good!


For a few days of use. I'm very happy! I had a lot of amp: GK (nice but typed) Trace Elliot (powerful but heavy and very expensive!) Markbass (the worst I've tried: it is very typical, especially the one " deaf "to reserve the Dub only!), Ashdown (very nice but heavy for the Mag 300 (12kg), Hartke (Super! Cheap, powerful, but its a very" cold "incidentally.)
What I like:
versatility / Price (ben for the Ampeg it's still affordable) / The plug next year play / the main strength: weight (4.5 kg) of happiness for the lug / The look (j'adorrrrre!) / Power and punch.
What I like about it: no rack, no cover available for transport / the buzz that has not taken on the ground (I will confirm trying in another room) / I wish I w 250-300 but this is more the psychological side that the real need for power (in fact by dint of playing heads powerful, you get used to play with the volume to 1.5 or there must still turn the ... So it surprises a few!)

Ratio Q / P: Well, in the standard of competition.
I would see in a few weeks so I can confirm all this after a few more repeated and a date.