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Sound Ampeg - Reviews Ampeg Micro-VR Head

100-150 W in memory of 8ohms, 250 W 4ohms.
At the rear two speaker outputs (jack 6.35), effects loop, XLR DI output prpost q switch, ground lift switch.
Front: one between -15 db switch, gain, bass, mid, treeble, volume, limit switch. A headphone jack (mini jack) and one between the (CD, MP3 ...)

The coating is cheap it is clear. It is not thick and there must be careful. For the rest I've had no trouble, the knobs are honnte quality, nothing more. The connection looks solid.

A details: I put wheels and a retractable handle trolley type. It gnial.


Yes, it's simple, it is the basic config par excellence.

Readily obtained a sound, there 's only one:) The equalizer is effective, I have nothing to reproach. We get a usable sound whatever rglages.

I have not used the DI. Neither the effects loop, or limit it. Level


sound: It's bluffing. I have several low and precision is that I get with my ampeg SOUND. Nothing extraordinary in it you say? Well if it is bluffing. This stuff is very small, very frankly Lger but the result is startling. There are grain ampeg, recognizable on.
Used a musicman the result is good, we can have a well slamming the slap.

Volume level the cab is a 2x10 "and 8 ohms. The head sends only 100-150 W into 8 ohms but watts are presents. It is unnecessary for this scam level l. Here, we must know what is achte. It described above.

The cab is very good. It is unnecessary but the treble tweeter are apparent even when. There may be a clicking sound if you want or a well rounded. Anyway I did not not shortcomings in the rendering of frequencies.
I've had beginners June and I played on it by plugging in a markbass LMT. It supports a lot without flinching.
Then I bought the head, just to get the grain svt.

My use:
I use a precisison and I go through the VT Bass (with very short drive) to have more power and more PCHE in between. PCHE is well accepted by the head and is captured by the baffle.

- For a small room with drums, guitar, violin he holds, and no lack of bass.
- Useful in a large room with guitarists deaf it does not follow and I am obliged to add a 15 "to enjoy the full power. Only the sound of the stack is so good compared my old 15" I want to buy a cab for deuxime UNESCORecords all.

Does it need Specifies that I play rock with it? I put 9 / 10 for a.


See above: I have the cab for about 4 months and head for almost two months. All came back 528 euros.

O The day I test the stack in the store I also tried markbass, Ashdown (the Little Giant).

What I want? A more robust coating. More power because the cab is capable of accepting more. A ddi the DI level. A Second Entry.

Overall opinion To summarize: A very good sound but you need two cabs to enjoy it fully.