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User Review

Quality U.S. - Reviews Ampeg SVT-3 Pro

Value For Money : Excellent
I'm talking about a pro-Ampeg SVT3 U.S. from the late 90s, the one with the red and blue logo.
About the power was 450W and 275W into 4ohms 8ohms in.

3 lamps in preamp, 2 drive.
The head weighs his weight sign of strength and quality. Do not hesitate to put it in a fly.

After a few months of use, I just give you my opinion.

Level settings you can choose:
Basic EQ (Low + Medium + acute) with choice of the correct frequency band
9-band EQ plus with independent volume for dosing correction, it's just happiness.
Gain a Master and a Tube Drive, versatility e tle precise metering are waiting for you. Only small Flat, Tube Drive, it is not good "biased (I do not know if we say that ^ ^) will not feel much. However well settled: grrroowl!

Rear: DI output, 2 speaker outputs (jack), effects loop, footswitch input, tuner output ...

You will understand the key word here is versatility!


Must spend some time on it, but what? We are passionate about or you do not. And time is not lost because the appointment: The sound!

The manual is no problem on the net. It is very clear for English speakers.

I put "10" for the price / quality ratio is, in my view, incontestable.


I play rock Noisy / pop (Pixies, Sonic Youth, 7 etc ...).
I played before on a Markbass Little III. I was happy but not quite. , I am fully satisfied!

I have all the palettes of sounds I want with real change and well settled according to the settings I made.

FYI: I play on a U.S. Jazzbass Deluxe and head Markbass 104HF Cab on in 8hms.

I love all of this sound head and I do not get bored.

If I had one day change is that the head would have Petee in the hands ... Then it would be to enter runs great with Ampeg models for example 2000 €.


It's been 5 months now that I have the pleasure of playing on this head. I bought it used here.
Before have I played on Fender Markabass and EBS. The EBS was a big model, high quality but too modern for my taste.

If you manage to find one of these head (I'm talking about the U.S. version!) At a good price, you take it!

I'm in love with my SVT3-PRO U.S. >>> I think that says it all. :)