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User Review

Very bad ... but if current - Reviews Ampeg SVT-3 Pro

Be called Hybrid lamp (if it really exists) without any effect.




Its far from what made the reputation of Ampeg. Can not be plugged into the bottom one 4x10, and too when adding a 15 'where they seek to recover the hours lost mediums. Bad caricature of SVT-amps.
Drive button is a horror, still not understood why they have one.


I meet this amp regularly on the stages of France. It looks like they have it in theaters or clubs backline.
This brand has become a horror, bad head, bad speaker, but retains a monopoly with an old reputation.
Materials very expensive compared to the sound quality. It is better to turn to Eden, Ashdown or Markbass (very expensive though, even a brand image concept) for the quality.
I just hope the stewards room or home newloc & co are finally realizing it, NO, AMPEG IS NOT GOOD MARK AMP!!
Sorry for the rant but I'm sick of all these technician "proud" of their brand new ampeg!