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User Review

The sound I needed! - Reviews Ampeg SVT-3 Pro

For me, this is a US 3PRO in 1996 (with the red logo and blue), at the time this model was still produced in korea.

Power level, 450 € in 4ohms, 275 in 8.
Three preamp lamps, 2 in drive, the mosfet, pref, good cam, heavy (especially with the fly that goes with it), imposing, you feel the gear to last.

Level settings, there is plenty to do, a-15db attenuator for active basses, which adds a bright clarity of the signal, which gives a high treble and deep bass to gain respect for the switch. A small 3-band EQ (low, medium, sharp) with a medium frequency selector, the foot. And in addition to the 9-band EQ with switchable volume independent for metering correction data to the 3-band EQ. Gain and master volume, tube gain to vary the voltage grids at lights, in short, the front arch is complete, there will almost enough to get lost.

Equally comprehensive in the back, DI output with its output volume, 2 jack for HP (as the old banana plugs for mine), effects loop, tuner output (handy), footswitch jack, what connect a preamp in addition, you quickly get lost when you start with this machine.


The use could be disconcerting at first glance, rather complicated to set, must know what you want, you really dig.
Mode at the job, I busted one that is downloaded from the forum on the head in question, not necessarily useful, but always interesting.


In sound, I find that I needed, after trying many brands (ashdown, trace elliot, bugera, Genz Benz, ect ...).
I play in a punk rock metal tends nag, level adjustment, bass and treble at noon, almost thoroughly with medium frequency selector to 3, Graphic EQ slightly boosted in the lower midrange and treble, bright switch enclanché, a big muff in dry (almost minimal saturation on the case, otherwise it really spits too), and my Fender Precision 50's, all in a cabinet Hartke 410VX (not enough money for an ampeg 8x10), just with it already , it pierces nickel in the mix, as I like surly, big presence, good potato. Lack probably slightly low in my sound, but marries beautifully with the sound of my guitar (and yeah, it was his rule as a group).
Occasionally, I troll for beufs evenings, and there I found a beautiful polyvalance, exit the big muff and hello deep switch for metal, removing the bright and rising slightly low, it happening on the reaggae and dub.
The three switches are really great and well transfoment sound (I do not get hardly any of my EQ), and I only get's her three small buttons to play everything myself just to play Take affected.
The only gripe I have with him will be a lack of definition when the bass is too strong in the EQ, but I think a new cabinet to be remedied best quality.

An extremely versatile head, but always with his ampeg typed (this is like marshall, we love it or hate it, but there is never indifferent).

I shall give a post soon after testing with other basses, I never play with my Fender.


Bought used in August 2010, the previous owner had left limit switch (not enough volume, failures, etc), a small tower for repair, welds redone newer lamps (electro harmonix), j ' I finally head ringing.
Of repeated almost weekly, more than twenty concerts and just as enjoyable to use, it even manages to impress with bassists playing on svt-vr (Korean). ^
After testing many new heads (ashdown mag, trace elliot, bugera, ect ...), I came across this American head for 450 €, I cracked.
I also had the (mis) chance to test a new generation 3PRO, I was very disappointed, lack of potato, definition, totally the opposite of mine (and a SVT 410HLF and more, it sounds better now even on my Hartke 4x10).

Frankly I understand the negative judgments on the head for those who have Korean versions. If you want a good 3PRO, search for a Cygnus, it usually runs for around € 700 I think.
Right after it is typed, but hey it takes for everyone, but for me it is perfect (I will test just a small mesa boogie and an orange to refine the comparison).
Anyway, no regrets for having done 200km for this wonder.