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User Review

excellent - Reviews Ampeg SVT-4 Pro

all is said below, you can download the manual on the manufacturer's website.


the connection is really impressive and not always easy to navigate. (note the single bridge, it sends 1600W @ 4ohm)
the manual is clear enough to start, settings are simple and intuitive and the possibilities seem endless (I say appear because I have not tried all possible settings, I found the sound that suited me quite quickly and since I do not touch more)


it is quite my style of music (cover ac / dc) I like the sounds heavy and greasy with a hint of metal, I play on Ibanez SR400 Active and srx590 through a Hartke bass attack of at all in an ampeg svt410hlf
it's wicked and powerful! I became the worst nightmare of our sound engineer!


I've had it almost 2 years I have not tried anything else, I come from a svt400t serves me still in rehearsals, I love her and I wanted the ampeg ampeg.
what I love most: the sound! and the reserve power
I like the least: it's very heavy, the side ventilation which forced me to make 2 big holes in my fly box, and the line out XLR output poses some problems with sound (solved with a good microphone)
the quality / price is more than excellent in my case, I bought a site in Germany who had probably made a mistake in pricing, I had the whole head + cabinet for less expensive than head only.
I recommend this amp connected to a svt410hlf if you can afford and you like the sound ampeg