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User Review

TenebraeBass's review - Ampeg SVT-4 Pro

-Tube preamp, solid state with two Power 490 watts into 4 ohms
-Ability to link the two power (bridged mono) for a power of 1200 watts RMS into 4 ohms.
-Stereo effects loop
-Crossover: choice of frequency and scale
-3 Band EQ with parametric mid (5 positions)
Eq-9-band graphic
Ultra-High-buttons, Ultra Low, bright
-Mute, eq bypass and controllable effects on the head or footswitch.


Some will find it difficult to use properly, but all it is is to read the manual. Everything is clearly detailed.
As for sound, there are tons of configurations available, so you must know and use the knobs to know which firms use and how to connect, but if you already have an idea what kind of sound that will have at the base, c, is easy to obtain.


I am a bassist who stands in several styles, mostly metal, but also the progressive, jazz, etc.. I play finger and I slap a lot. 6 strings. Yes, of course, you will have a sound that Ampeg sound, it goes without saying. You have to love having a round. I configure the buttons on the amp for a good sound to the finger, and then I turn the 9-band eq for the slap, which is very effective. I particularly like the bright switch. My effects are also performed well on this head, as they are plugged into the effects loop. The bi-amp to use a low power to manage, both for high and medium frequencies, so we can grow without compromising the low treble, very useful when playing six-string, like me. Small flat, it is very difficult to find a bass cabinet at 4 ohms which is resistant to 490 watts. Ampeg SVT-have discontinued their 18 and it is very difficult to find. Firms that can support the 1200 watts does not run the streets not more, so the configuration is the easiest to do is two 410, 500 watts each. That way you use non-negligible power of the head, without danger of destroying your cabinets. Two 410 are much easier to carry than a 810.


I have this head for two months. I love its power, we discover the pleasure of playing it when the chance to turn the volume knob a little. The possibilities are almost endless given the impressive number of jacks is behind the beast. I chose it mainly because of these possibilities, I tried some other amps before but exceeded all of its features, so I chose it. I'm not disappointed by its cons. I use it with an SVT-410 HLF, and I plan to buy me a second or me making myself a 18 inch if I am not of SVT-18 used. on the other hand, try all the possibilities before you buy. I have a problem with line out on my own and I must go have it checked soon. Fortunately there is a good guarantee, but as I made these studio-days, I could do without. Still, I remake the same choice without hesitation, for sound, power and various connection options.